Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Double Standard Threats of Riots. Is It COINTELPRO?

Lone Star Watchdog

Riots are not good at all. The Double Standard Threats of Riots. Is itCOINTELPRO? I smell a rat when I hear about tweets and Facebook post calling for riots if Obama loses the election November. If Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party member called for riots if Ron Paul was not nominated as the GOP candidate. The SWAT teams would be kicking down our doors taking us to Gitmo so fast before we can say the word of Habeas Corpus. We would not hear the end of it on the cable news channels.
The hypocrisy of the US Army calling protest low-level terrorism and the US Marine Brandon Raub being detained for making Facebook post opposing the Federal Reserve. He was not calling for violence or riots. He was just giving an opinion. He was arrested and taken to a Psych ward. To the government, he is a threat top national security because he opposed the New World Order. Where are the arrest for those calling for riots this election day?

I am suspicious of the source of the people posting these comments. I wonder who do they work for and who is behind these calls for riots. There is a double standard that says the government is the driving force behind the calls for riots. Do you hear on the news of the police arresting those who made these twitter and Facebook post calling for riots if Obama loses? No we do not hear such news.

These calls for riots could be anotherFBI COINTELPRO operation with agent provocateurs on the internet making these Facebook and Twitter post calling for riots if Obama loses the election. This call for riots could be a tactic coming straight from the White House as a desperation attempt to scare people in re-electing him or their will be riots. If that happens. The President now has the excuse to call for Martial law after a national emergency has been declared.
During the Treyvon Martin case in Orlando. It is obvious the New Black Panther Party is a FBI COINTELPRO operation when the host were calling for riots and shooting of white people on the radio. They were not arrested, nor did the police with SWAT gear on kick in the doors. It shows a double standard and these calls for riots could be a COINTELPRO operation. If Alex Jones called for riots, he be shut down so fast before he could say the word censorship.
I hope there are no riots and the elections are peaceful. I will hope the best and be ready for the worst. It would not hurt to pray either.

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