Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Police State Looms Larger

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Watch 2 Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State ... Welcome to Amerika! Exactly when did she become a police state? "We don't need any grounds. We're the United States" ... These jack boots understand the climate they create with such REPREHENSIBLE behavior! Then they JUDGE YOU on how polite you are? While millions pour across Mexican border ILLEGALLY, Canadians must beware of attempting to LEGALLY go shopping in the US? ...You hear the officer admit that HE recorded. In a free country a person arrested has a right to demand the evidence. – YouTube

Dominant Social Theme: We are protecting you from yourself.

Free-Market Analysis: This is basically an "audio" video but it is probable you won't mind the lack of pictures. It's quite compelling and makes a strong point about what is really going on.

Still, many people don't quite "get it." But what these individuals are experiencing is neither random nor coincidental. There is a very clear pattern to what's taking place in the West these days.

These are policies that have been put in place determinedly and with malice aforethought. The dominant social theme has to do with "terrorism" – a very vague word.

George Orwell predicted it long ago. The powers-that-be are creating a world where anyone can be placed under suspicion at any time. It's all about maximizing control. This is the reason for the "war on terror."

Bin Laden probably died ten years ago. There are plenty of questions about what happened on 9/11 – and the "official" narrative makes little sense. There was no reason for the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan and as we often point out, the current wars in the Middle East make little sense, either.

The only way any of this DOES make sense is as a kind of directed history. Bit by bit a meme has been constructed that justifies any and every authoritarian action. Each of us is a potential terrorist, after all. And everyone needs to be tracked and spied upon.

The future of our civilization, such as it is, can be heard on this audio-video. But it is not the only "future," of course; we are convinced there are other ones. The people planning this kind of authoritarianism didn't count on what we call the Internet Reformation.

Remember that while you listen to this. Nothing is predetermined. You can take your own human action. Increasingly, people will.

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