Monday, September 27, 2010

CDC survey of Gulf residents finds 50% of households experiencing respiratory issues within the PAST 30 DAYS — Feds suggest to “focus on mental health

Florida Oil Spill Law

After oil spill, depression and stress levels rise in coastal Alabama, Press-Register, September 27, 2010:


An emergency survey* conducted door-to-door in coastal Alabama confirmed elevated levels of depression and stress following the oil spill and also detected possible effects, such as respiratory ailments…

  • At least half of the households queried in both counties had at least one member experiencing respiratory issues within the past 30 days. …
  • Respondents were encountering more physically or mentally unhealthy days than people in earlier statewide surveys.
  • “The increased prevalence of negative quality-of-life indicators, depressive symptoms and symptoms of anxiety,” according to the CDC report, “suggest that resources should focus on mental health intervention and follow-up surveillance.”

* The survey, by the Centers for Disease Control’s national Center for Environmental Health, is based on responses from 128 households in south Mobile County and 168 in south Baldwin, both in Alabama.

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