Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Look purchased the url, "The Intercept" in January, 2014. "The Intercept" (aptly named) originally consisted of the posts below with many reposts of articles and blogposts collected to share. They consist of stories that we thought were the most important and verifiable news/opinions at the time.  

There are also a number of original posts covering various topics we happened to be knee-deep in exploring. This collection was a hobby/habit of sharing what I learned and presenting in a news hub style format. Consider this blog like a "Wayback Machine" that preserves the more controversial articles (many long gone from their original sites) and compiles them in a way that serves as a snapshot of what was happening at the time.  Bonus to whomever finds that post that had video of a witness to a false flag shooting that was cancelled by the local sheriff in California.  That has mysteriously disappeared. 

 I learned a lot during this time and I hope there are some useful references for others.

 Apologies in advance for any media that is missing due to its dependence on other sites.  This included many youtubes and blip.tv vids.

Note:  Some have inquired about our site, americanterrorist.com, which explored the hypocrisies of the war on terror.   A lot of the data was lost for that site after it was successfully hacked around the summer of 2016.  We're in the process of redesigning the site and recovering the information.  Just keep an eye on the url.