Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileaks Claims Osama Bin Laden Still Alive

In proving to be one of the most useful tools for the Pentagon, Wikileaks resurrects "Bearded Time Lord" Osama Bin Laden and places him as one of the key masters of the resistance to U.S. occupation in Afghanistan.  This assertion is made despite the fact that 92% of the population in Afghanistan have never heard of 9/11.

Wikileaks documents claim that Osama Bin Laden has been personally overseeing the use of suicide bombers and roadside bombs targeting U.S. troops since the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.  According to documents "leaked" by Wikileaks, Osama Bin Laden has been conducting monthly meetings with up to twenty people at a variety of locations.  Apparently, the Pentagon's intelligence network discovered each monthly meeting after they occurred and have never been able to gain foreknowledge of these meetings to capture Bin Laden, who was known to be on kidney dialysis in 2001.

As stated in the Telegraph, these documents provided by Wikileaks contradicts CIA director Leon Panetta's position that there had been no intelligence on the al-Qaeda leader since the “early 2000s”.  Wikileak documents also contradict a number of credible sources (including Pakistan's President Musharrof and Afghan President Karzai ) for Bin Laden's death in December, 2001.


  1. Have you seen the new movie starring Osama Bin Laden? It's called "Things To Do in Afghanistan When You're Dead". Got good reviews from the Pentagon.

  2. Bless your heart and you're 200% correct, we all should do more to expose these SOBs.


  3. ur articles has truth, try to be more reasonable and deep truth cld touch everyones heart for favour of wikileaks

  4. can v have brief on further steps of Al Qayda as revenge of troop of laden for Pak and US..?