Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Editor of the Tucson Weekly Attacks "Conspiracy Theorists"

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Elections integrity activists who are actually doing something or members of 9/11 Truth movement have more than the wrath of Cass Sunstein to deal with in Tucson.   It's the puerile "Get Out of Town" smack talk by the pseudo-hip, paper-and-ink info gatekeepers. 

I am the person Tucson Weekly editor Jim Boegle describes as one of the "more annoying and illogical members of the election integrity crowd".  He tries to denigrate those who believe the RTA Election was rigged by referring to the fact that I think 9/11 was an inside job.

Recent developments like the missing poll tapes and other newly discovered security breaches seriously undermine Goddard's recount:



but the Weekly took an early position about the RTA Election that is proving to be wrong.  To justify their position, they keep referring to Goddard's recount and the poll commissioned by Zimmerman and Associates (or Yes 1 and 2, the pro RTA political machine). The problem with the poll is that our inside sources know that, days before the election,  the pro RTA political machine was warning the person in charge of packaging the money for the campaign that they were behind in the RTA race or that it was too close to call.  It seems even those who paid for the poll didn't have much faith in it.   The Weekly is aware of this and could have investigated this story but chose to push this poll's results instead.  The "official" results of the RTA election, incidentally, are similar to that one set of polls.

As more developments surface, the Weekly tends to ignore them.  This behavior has already affected the paper's credibility on a number of different stories, particularly with those who are close to and understand the subjects it covers.  For example, they are remarkably dense about the sale of the Coronado Hotel, the conduct of Glen Lyons and the D.D.C., and the generally offensive moves that rich developers make against the poor and middle class.  The Tucson Weekly's coverage is so bad that they are now placing more emphasis on covering light entertainment stories than it's attempts at investigative journalism.

Concerning 9/11, Boegle held up as his "straw man"  my reference to a video I made a while back called '9/11 Prestige' about a dubious photograph of WTC7 used by Popular Mechanics showing much more damage than other photographs show after both towers collapsed.  Here is the video:

Citizen photographs and videos contradict what's shown in the NIST photo, for example, Aman Zafar's pic, which is used in the following analysis:


While there was some damage on the south side of WTC7, the picture used in "Inside Edition" appears to have been altered to exaggerate the size of the damage, especially when compared to the video footage that was found and used in "Fabled Enemies" with a roving camera both outside and inside the south side of the building after the towers were demolished.  Recent FOIA acquisitions prove to be even more embarrassing, especially with the footage of NYC Corporation Counsel Michael Hess screaming from the seventh floor window.  He was trapped in WTC7 when an initial set of explosions destroyed floors below his level.   Neither of the twin towers had fallen at that time.

We understand that the altered picture is a red herring issue because it means nothing compared to the way WTC7 was demolished.  Real journalists would interview those experts qualified to speak about the evidence of controlled demolitions on 9/11.   These experts are members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice.

Ultimately, when Jim Boegle states that Popular Mechanics provided a "thorough, definitive debunking of WTC7-related conspiracy theories", he embarrasses himself and creates a permanent record of how out of touch he really is nine years later in December of 2010.

This type of attack comes from an editor of a newspaper that not only makes the laughable claim of being the alternative paper for Tucson, but actually prints around fifty thousand copies of this facade to leave them strewn throughout the city.  One act that we know is not beneath the likes of Jim Boegle is the use of his power as an editor of a paper to ridicule those he disagrees with.  His recent move, however, is so clumsy and so ill-conceived that many are beginning to wonder if it isn't time for Jimmy to pick up his chips and find a new game.

J.T. Waldron


  1. I read that article too. I like how the Weekly, of all publications wants to attack people who believe that the maybe, just possibly the Tucson Weekly just might not cover everything out there. I haven't yet seen Fatally Flawed, but now I want to.
    Honestly, the Toozey Weekly is like it's cousin in Phoenix, the New Times, it apes the leftist worldview of many free weeklies, but on any competant analysis of it's editorial policy, month over month, it is clearly reactionary in its outlook.
    Geez, you make it really hard to comment here.

  2. Conspiracies theorist! Cool it people! Trust your "politicians" "respected journalists" Don't forget to add your "banker" They wouldn't lie to you?