Saturday, October 29, 2011

Retired Pakistani Interior Minister: Injustice and Poverty Root causes of Terrorism

The International News
Interior Minister Lt Gen (retd) Moinuddin Haider on Sunday said that world development is unbalanced despite the IMF and World Bank claims of helping the poor nations and alleviating poverty.

He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a TB clinic in the Manora Health Project being run by the Hamdard University Hospital for the denizens of Manora Island.

Moin said: “The IMF and World Bank say they are helping alleviate poverty but we see unbalanced development causing despondency and frustration.”

The minister said he had asked foreign journalists in Islamabad to investigate the root causes of terrorism world-wide. He counted inequality, injustice and poverty the root causes of terrorism, besides finding a nexus between poverty and violence responsible for the unrest in the third world Muslim countries.

“With limited employment opportunities one has to work from dawn till dusk,” he added, “even after a full day of labour people cannot feed their children adequately and few of their acquaintances do get beyond their means without working, which flares up frustration at mass level.”

The minister stated that the rampant injustice was influencing the mindset of people in Pakistan, where justice and rule of law have yet to find its way. Only justice and law can keep the mental temperature down to normal level, he said and added, “300 psychiatrists for 140 million people are too few.”

Moin observed that both injustice and imbalance would breed disturbance and negative thoughts, which could only be ironed out with strong family support and care. He said Islam is a peaceful religion as it advocates self-contentment. “Religion is an anchor which helps us come out of mental stress.”

The minister lauded the Psychiatry Department of Hamdard University for initiating an important health project for the residents of Manora, where impoverished and destitute would get maximum benefits of health care facilities. He hoped that the TB set-up would help alleviate the burden of suffering.

Moin said the society blessed with computers and industrial advantages is still loaded with depression and tension. “Success stories such as of Manora Health Project must be replicated in other parts of the country,” he said, “Such facilities are very much needed in the midst of phenomenal rise of mental illnesses.”

— News selected by Saeed Mohiuddin,Reference Library.Filed by our correspondent, The News

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