Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney today

Daily Paul

Hidden cameras were needed at Washington state.
Hundreds of enthusiastic DP’ers have posted proudly, “I voted for Ron Paul today.” However, in many cases that's not even true. Instead, those dedicated freedom fighters may have just cast their votes for their arch-enemy, globalist and Goldman Sachs candidate Mitt Romney.

Like the ones prior in these May 8th primaries countless thousands of our votes were stolen and handed over to Romney. That’s right, Romney gets the CREDIT for our votes, falsely gloating in it. If that doesn’t make your blood boil, what will?

This has been happening since Iowa. The same happened in tonight’s primaries. Yet, incredibly, it also happened years ago in West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina, in that case for John McCain.

In 2008 we were cheated out of tens of thousands of votes in these states. For instance, in West Virginia McCain had minimal popularity and was, rather, greatly disliked. Yet, he 'won' in a landslide. It was all rigged. Are we going to let it happen again?

We talk about "unbinding" delegates. How about unbinding our votes from Romney and even Santorum and putting them where they belong, back to Ron Paul?

It’s easy to do. Just go to and get your affidavit. When done, either upload it or mail it, or even fax it. They are being uploaded and mailed in from all over the country. Join us to prove, once and for all, our real vote count.

UPDATE: This started from the beginning. In Iowa Edward L. True caught the error, filed an affidavit, and made the riggers change it. In a neighboring county, Appanoose-Union, a township with only 100 potential voters, Santorum was give 32 caucus votes. The GOP was called on it by Iowa activists. They changed it to 3 votes. Matt McDonald caught Maine GOP fudging numbers, stealing votes from Dr. Paul, and forced them to change it. And we're supposed to be the paranoid ones? If we ARE suspicious, we have been given all the reason to be.

You want more proof of the rigging? Go here: (West Virginia) (West Virginia)

Everyone, see this below. See how they cheated us out of votes in Wake County, 2008. Now, Dr. Paul is FAR more popular then--and we're to believe their wicked numbers, that he can barely scratch above 10%? (NC)
For sure, we have been cheated tonight. Trolls, you are alerted. We know you'll attempt to "justify" the numbers. Don't believe them for a minute.

Action #1: do something about it. Count your vote. Go to:
Action #2: shut down the County Boards of Elections. Use this letter and build a document:

Add the appropriate charts and graphs as found on RonPaulForums under the thread Vote Integrity: the case for the occurrence of algorithmic vote flipping.

For a direct link to the affidavit:

For the post about vote theft in North Carolina (2008):

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