Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This 21-Year-Old Marine Predicted He Would Die At The Hands Of Afghan Security Forces

Business Insider
Michael Kelley
Lance Corporal Greg Buckley, Jr.
A 21-year-old Marine who was killed by an Afghan trainee had previously told his father that he would be killed inside his base, David Ariosto of CNN reports.
Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Jr. trained Afghan security forces in the restive Helmand Province before he and two other Marines were killed on Aug. 10 by one of the Afghans he was training.
Buckley knew something was wrong after a tormenting encounter with an Afghan trainee earlier in the year.
From CNN
"The guy turned around and said to Greg, 'We don't want you here. We don't need you here,'" his dad said.
"Greg turned around again and said, 'Why would you say that?'" according to Greg Buckley Sr.
But the trainee apparently wouldn't relent, repeating the phrases for hours over the course of a night in which the young Marine was on guard watch.
"Greg said, 'I thought I was going to lose my mind,'" his father said. "Pitch black out, and all he kept saying over and over again is, 'We don't want you. We don't need you. We don't want you.'"
Buckley's father said Buckley informed his superior officers that "one day they are going to turn around and turn those weapons on us," and asked his father to prepare to tell his mother and two younger brothers that he'd been killed.
This year there have been more than 51 NATO killed by allied security forces in Afghanistan, compared to 35 so-called green-on-blue attacks last year. The attacks have forced troops to carry loaded guns everywhere.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called the attacks the Taliban's "last gasp" while Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the U.S. military's top officer, called them "a very serious threat" to the war effort, according to BBC.

The Helmand Province is where Taliban dressed in U.S. Army uniforms infiltrated Camp Bastion, killed two U.S. Marines and caused more than $200 million in damage last week.

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