Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Global Warming Distracting You From The Real Issues GMOs, Depleted Uranium, Nuclear Plants

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1 comment:

  1. Mark,

    Your points are all very valid. We do have a myriad of issues that confront us as a species (war along with it's depleted uranium, GMO's, clean air and water, etc) However and ironically they can't be separated from what is being couched as global warming. The real issue is the fact that we are altering the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (and by doing so warming the planet)and as a result we are heading for extinction and we will kill just about everything else in the process.

    The only possible solution, if we still have the time, is to completely abandon the energy source that is the foundation of the planetary civilization. I realize that that truth (as I have come to believe) has yet to sink in to many minds. It's too big a leap when the evidence is as ephemeral as it appears at this time. None of the GW proponents that you semi dismiss talk of anything that will help. Carbon taxes would only be a bandage on a gushing wound. When the positive feedback loops caused by methane become apparent it will be far too late to do anything at all to save ourselves and our ecological hitch. While the issues of depleted uranium, GMO's are real and serious they will only serve to make our decent into oblivion all the more unpleasant. I hate to be so dystopian but the economic and political realities that make your issues issues are the same ones that have sealed our fate.

    Had I eaten yet today I would probably disgorge myself of it now.