Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Look purchased the url, "The Intercept" in January, 2014. "The Intercept" (aptly named) originally consisted of the posts below with many reposts of articles and blogposts collected to share. They consist of stories that we thought were the most important and verifiable news/opinions at the time.  

There are also a number of original posts covering various topics we happened to be knee-deep in exploring. This collection was a hobby/habit of sharing what I learned and presenting in a news hub style format. Consider this blog like a "Wayback Machine" that preserves the more controversial articles (many long gone from their original sites) and compiles them in a way that serves as a snapshot of what was happening at the time.  Bonus to whomever finds that post that had video of a witness to a false flag shooting that was cancelled by the local sheriff in California.  That has mysteriously disappeared. 

 I learned a lot during this time and I hope there are some useful references for others.

 Apologies in advance for any media that is missing due to its dependence on other sites.  This included many youtubes and blip.tv vids.

Note:  Some have inquired about our site, americanterrorist.com, which explored the hypocrisies of the war on terror.   A lot of the data was lost for that site after it was successfully hacked around the summer of 2016.  We're in the process of redesigning the site and recovering the information.  Just keep an eye on the url.  


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  5. The person who wrote this is a liar. They started a new website full of conspiracy garbage called "ironically" American Terrorist in 2014 that continued on through 2020.



    It was deleted before the January 6th insurection, making one wonder "what they knew and when they knew it". The garbage Holocaust denier Portland Filth he's been hobnobbing with has been making noises to overthrow the "police state" for years. Now shit got real and people are getting sued, arrested and convicted.

    Where are they today after Rose City Antifas drove them back under their rocks?

    Virginia/Ginny Ross is pretending to be a Good Democract on social media.

    David Morrison sued the city of Portland over bs wifi woo in schools. After his case was thrown out, he was caught stalking a woman in New Seasons. Now his wife Luanne is working for the city of Portland. Weird for people so untrusting of big gubmint.

    Jennifer Wynhausen was exposed as a racist conspiracy nut by the Oregonian working for DHS. In response DHS moved her to an office in Linn county where she can be close to her racist conspiracy ex hubby Mike who was elected a circuit judge a couple years back. DHS claims to want to clean house. Weird way to do it.

    Titrud and Richard have been quiet except on FB where they posted a pic partying with Jennifer in the middle of the pandemic with no masks or social distancing. Wonder if DHS knows about that. They probably won't care, but never know.

    Craig Lazo was stalking an elderly Latino activist in Mountain View and manageing to pass it off as journalism. What will that scamp get up to next? Obviously NOT deleting lies on his blog...

    Petros Evdokas still hiding in Cyprus, with yahoo groups shut down and his connections to Titrud exposed, nuked his Portland Conspiracy page. He's now just a fake hippy weed activist probbaly making kompromat on real weed activists.

    Speaking of fake hippy activists, Holocaust Denier Tim Calvert was booted from City Bikes, nuked Laughing Horse, and has some pathetic bike bucket biz in Selwood.

    Mike Tabor nuked Portland indymeda after dumbly telling people not NOT talk to the feds after the Jan 6th insurection. FFS the site is full of proof Teafgs, ProudBoys, freedumb patriots have used it for years and old volunteers finally sick of sheltering Nazis were clearly ready to talk. Assuming they hadn't already. There's some bs figleaf about being "inflitrated" on social media, but people know Tabor was saving his ass before the Party Van arrived.

    Glenn Goldman is trying to be a very good liberal and pretend antifa DIDN'T catch him working with all these fuckers years after claiming to move on. Killed his facebook account. Briefly killed his "therapy" website. Maybe he cut a deal with the Feds.

    Ansary is lost in the wilds of Colorado.
    David Fura, Cathy Bell: lost in denial.
    Mike Blue Hair Dibolt remains in denial about his nazi buddies like Titrud. But has locked down his social media in case his OWS friends notice.
    Mike Schultz still running several failed online buinesses.
    Harvard employee Gustavo Espada is still delusionally pretending his dead conspiry website is a thing.
    Sara Lamadrid is now a TERF. Might be a shock to the KBOO transwoman Theresa Mitchell thePDXalliance worked with.
    Roy McCoy: mia
    Glen Owen: dead.
    Captain May:also dead.
    Alex Jones, Fetzer and Tarpley have all been sued.
    Kevin Barrett has not been. Yet.
    Phil Berg: disbarred.
    Russ Halberg left the state?

    JT Waldo: trying to whitewash, pun intended, his history with racist Portland anti government conspiracy loons.

    Some words of wisdom for your friends:


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