Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Version of Intercept Website Available Now

Readers of the Intercept are encouraged to move to the new site and continue following the stories that are important to us.  The Intercept was constructed in October of 2009 as an alternative to the dismal coverage of world events, national headlines, corruption and election fraud among local news outlets surrounding Tucson, AZ.

The Intercept became a regular habit for us news junkies who share and sometimes construct or write various posts and news items for an expanding international audience.  Providing this service has become an educational endeavor as we search through what is necessary to deliver credible, accurate, and meaningful information.  The primary objective of this site is to bring readers closer to a realistic assessment of the world they live in with a sharper focus on the truth.

Those who are looking for 'The Intercept' site by Greenwald/Scahill/Poitras and Co. Hit the following link:
This new site is provided through a server that should provide a faster, more comprehensive experience than this blogspot site. 

Questions or suggestions are always welcome.  Feel free to contact us through my email:


J.T. Waldron