Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Arizona detention officers caught on camera swiping document from case file

This is shocking courtroom footage of a Maricopa County detention officer snooping through a defense attorney's file at a sentencing hearing. Maricopa County Sheriff's Department detention officer Adam Stoddard takes a piece of paper from the middle of the attorney's file and hands it off to another officer while the defense attorney, Joanne Cuccia, has her back to them. The only witnesses (aside from the stunned defendant) were the judge and the prosecutors. As well as being an in-your-face violation of attorney-client privilege, Officer Stoddard has committed crimes plural, starting with theft. It's not too surprising to see the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department officers act like the law does not apply to them. After all, this is the law enforcement body, under the guidance of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and AG Terry Goddard, that transported the ballots out of Pima County and "secured" them for several weeks at an undisclosed location. Still think the RTA election was clean?

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  1. Unbelievable. So the prisoner is the one who finally says something like "hey, they just took something out of your folder," and then they don't resolve the issue then and there but call a separate hearing for what just happened 2 minutes ago. Any footage of that hearing? Are the cops gonna say "plain sight?" He just strolls directly over there and pulls a document out! Did he have orders or something?