Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come Show Your Support for Subsidized Housing through the Coronado Hotel

Once liquidated, does the Downtown Development Corp. of Arizona have an obligation to return the assets initially provided by the city? This question and more will be considered by tonight's Tucson Mayor and Council meeting. Please come and support the low income elderly and disable who are removed in favor of Rio Nuevo Developers.

Tucson City Council, 5:30 PM, November 24th
255 W. Alameda Street

Here is a clip re-posted for more information:

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  1. Awesome report, like coming up for air from being held under water by zombifying local news. I can't help but question Regina Romero's speech, as it seems very similar to what Nina Trasoff and others were saying during the November 24th council meeting--that "we need to keep affordable housing in downtown" and have new affordible housing downtown. Well they don't say "Keep the Hotel Coronado low income" do they? I believe they are preparing themselves to go along with the Downtown Dev Corp's assurances that someone will eventually build a new MLK building or something else low income "when the economy improves." Well in my opinion it is "if the economy improves" not "when" and in the meantine the city council seems to be falling on the side of downtown gentrification and private development and actually reducing the amount of low income housing. I guess we'll see what happens.