Thursday, July 8, 2010

Attorney Bill Risner Interviewed by Brad Friedman on on the Mike Malloy Show over Missing RTA Polltapes

Brad Friedman breaks RTA Missing Polltape Story on the Mike Malloy Show. Interviews Bill Risner and provides great coverage of the RTA saga:

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  1. "Not the end of this story" good. A county official said that they didn't have access to the boxes at Iron mountain? I wonder who he's referring to, Mr. Huckleberry or Mr.Moffat? Iron Mountain staff disagreed, I guess from their testimony at the recent hearing a few months back which as I remember was pretty clear that their client (the county) has sole access to their property unless they designate someone else to have access. The story's fleshing out, it seems like only the AZ AG and Pima County would have access to the church key err--I mean poll tapes. :)

  2. It also seems like the AG's office saying that they would definitely examine the poll tapes and then saying later "that was a miscommunication" exposed their political nature. That was no "miscommunication." Their original statement seems like it was to reassure people about how thorough they were going to be in their investigation, then when Mr. Goddard is asked directly, he says pretty amazingly and dismissively of all that the Pima Dems have done "why would I look at the poll tapes when I have the ballots?" then in his investigation essentially says further "why would I look at the ballots and not just count them?" All these important details to answering these memory card anomalies, witness testimony, and potential hack tool MO are just whittled down to a big dumb pointy stick. But what's the point in doing an investigation and not quickly looking at easy things the county could've done to undermine it? It's either a big, dumb, lumbering, secretive investigation--a slow-pitch softball game between Pima County and the Attorney General--or it's a carefully staged political illusion, or something in between.