Thursday, February 24, 2011

CIA mulls targeting Pak envoys abroad as reprisal against Davis' continued detention

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The Central Intelligence Agency is contemplating trapping or targeting Pakistan nationals serving as diplomats abroad in retaliation against double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis' continued detention in a Lahore prison.

The Davis detention issue seems to be taking its toll on US-Pak relations, which were already strained over stepped-up drone strikes in Pakistan's militant-infested tribal region and disagreements over the war in neighbouring Afghanistan.

To avoid a popular backlash in a country where anti-Americanism is rife, Pakistani officials have said that the matter is sub judice and up to the court, even though the US insists the Davis' detention is illegal under international agreements, and that he must be released on the grounds of diplomatic immunity.

Diplomatic sources have noticed vibes clearly indicating the level of frustration and annoyance, especially by the CIA, upon Islamabad's constant denial to release Davis on blanket immunity, The Nation quoted these sources, as saying.

As per the sources, the situation is proving to be the loss of not just the cover of an agent but also that of a key asset of the CIA.

"It is unlikely that they (American intelligence apparatus) would let it go without returning it to the Pakistani counterparts one way or the other," they added.

The sources pointed out that "easy prey of this revenge design of the Americans could be Pakistani intelligence staff serving abroad chiefly in US, Europe, and Afghanistan."

They also revealed that the White House as well as the US State Department has already cancelled all official invitations to Pakistan envoy Hussain Haqqani.

All US Administration outfits in the capital are also under instructions to seek clearance from the White House before interacting with Haqqani even for official urgencies, the sources added. (ANI

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