Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama, Saying We Need Education to Win the Future, Cuts Pell Grants $100 Billion

Rob Kall

He might as well just become a Republican.

My 21 year old son was listening as Obama gave this speech. 

"Did he just say he's cutting Pell grants?" he asked 

Yep. $100 billion dollars worth, I replied. 

"I'm not voting for Obama again," he replied. "I thought he was FOR students."

Who can blame him?

Primary Obama, or better, get him to decide to pull and LBJ and withdraw from the running. 

What do you think?

I think that cutting Pell Grants, ie., financial aid for lower income students, is a way to Kill the Future, not win it. 

We knew Obama would have to come up with some way to pay for the gutless tax break to millionaires he extended. Now we know. It's on the backs of poor children. The words I could utter are better left unsaid.
Federal Pell Grant Aid and State Grant Aid as a
Percentage of Tuition at Public 4-Year Institutions
(in current dollars), 1986-2001.

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