Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pakistan court rejects Davis' claim about diplomatic immunity

Times of India

LAHORE: In a setback to US efforts to seek early release of its national Raymond Davis arrested for a double murder, a Pakistani court today rejected his claim that he has diplomatic immunity and said it would go ahead with his trial.

During the last hearing of the case, 37-year-old Davis, a suspected CIA contractor, had filed an application in which he insisted that he had immunity.

Lawyers representing the families of the two men shot dead by Davis in Lahore in January and the prosecution counsel today presented their arguments during proceedings conducted behind closed doors at Kot Lakhpat Jail by Additional District and Sessions Judge Yousuf Aujla.

After hearing the arguments of defence and prosecution lawyers, Judge Aujla said no authentic document had been presented by Davis or the Pakistan government to show that the American national had diplomatic immunity.

The judge said a note provided by the US embassy was not sufficient to prove Davis' diplomatic status.

He rejected Davis' application claiming diplomatic immunity and said the court has the jurisdiction to go ahead with his trial.

When defence lawyers told the judge that they had not been provided all the documents related to the charges levelled against Davis, Aujla directed the prosecution to ensure this was done and adjourned the case till March 8.

Lawyers representing the families of the two men killed by Davis said they expected the court to formally indict Davis at the next hearing.

Davis was represented at today's hearing by three lawyers, including Zahid Hussain Bukhari, a former judge of the Lahore high court.


  1. Hey Raymond, or whatever your real name is, uh, BYE! BYE! If the Pakistani courts don't silence you, you know the agency you are contracting for will!

  2. I doubt this guy will live long enough to be tried.

  3. My mother taught me never to laugh at others' misfortune or mistakes. I'm having real problems here.

  4. Whose laughing Howard? The President went up to the plate for the guy's release and struck out! There is obviously some very sensitive intelligence that the US wants to keep some sort of lid on and this guy is the detinator that can blow that lid to oblivion. He is alleged to be coordinating extreme acts of terror where he was captured, doing more than just "helping" the Pakistan Taliban wreak havoc on US controlled targets and that's on top of murdering two Pakistani ISI agents to boot! This alone shows how bent the US is on perpetuating the illusion that there are terrorists conspiring to destroy life as gullible dumb shit Americans know it and that's why an already lost war must rage on! I don't find much humor in the whole thing either and the terrorist calling himself Raymond Davis wont get any sympathy here.

  5. J.F.K. said he would scatter the CIA. They are guilty or absent, which ever makes them look worse from The Bay of Pigs to 9-11 and now Pakistan. Their loyalties to Wall Street and the Royal-City of London Conspiracy against the world is the source of their infamy. The people of the world have been paying Buckingham Palaces' bills far too long. Now 'global warming' as an excuse for the queen to rip off the English paupers' emergency heating fund.
    The 0.38 Colt revolver, clean of prints, found on V. Foster in 1993 sat under a cash register in Seattle from 1913 to 1983. 70 years, no problem. Who was in Seattle in 1983 delivering a large cash contribution to the democrats? Bad habits.
    Did Hillary send this guy to his doom or was the bigotted fool starstruck by his new role as a "foreign diplomat", passing out what he thought were Good Humor icecream bars from his car trunk and whacking innocent Pakistanis and selling M.B. confederates nuclear device triggers. Psycho killer. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Again, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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