Saturday, June 11, 2011

Veterans Beware

William Heuisler

Why is our Sheriff serving search warrants with armored cars, sirens and SWAT teams? Could it be because the Feds say veterans, and citizens with gun training, are dangerous?

On May 5th, SWAT supervisor, Bob Krygier was obviously expecting serious trouble as he got out of an armored Bearcat (18,000 pounds, worth $240,000) at a Tucson home. Sirens blared and an assault team clustered at the door of an alleged “murder” suspect.

Twenty seconds later the assault team broke in and shot Jose Guerena 22 times.

Oddly, the SWAT team had been briefed for a search warrant that Jose Guerena was “associated with a homicide where a husband and wife got killed,” and, “If something were going to happen, it was probably going to happen at Red Water” (Guerena’s house).

But Jose Guerena was an honorably discharged Marine veteran with no criminal record at all.

He was evidently a victim of Federal Government warnings about veterans. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in agreement with the Southern Poverty Law Center, wrote a policy two years ago that anyone with the skills of a combat veteran, or any American who owns a gun - criminal or not - is a danger to society and should be dealt with as a known criminal because of their potential danger to police. (Steinback, 2011)

In fact, DHS issued a report titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” about veterans as likely recruits for, “attacks against the government.” (Harwood, 2009)

The Guerena killing illustrates this anti-veteran-overkill policy in action.

1)      What purpose has an armored car on a residential search warrant?
2)      Why were sirens allowed to drown out commands during search warrant service?
3)      Why did supervisors brief young officers they would face a homicide suspect?
4)      Why did Sheriff Dupnik tell Jennifer Waddell on KGUN9 News, “He (Guerena) thought we were there to arrest him     for murder”? (Waddell, 2011)

A very expensive 9-ton armored car will stop most bullets fired at officers who are inside it's half-inch steel plate. Emergency vehicles normally use deafening sirens while maneuvering in traffic. So, why use SWAT, a huge armored car and blaring sirens to knock on a front door and serve a search warrant?
Sheriff Dupnik admitted to KGUN9 that, in his mind, this veteran was a criminal.

Federally prompted SWAT, armored cars and military tactics are now everywhere. Capricious policies, untrained officers and unclear enforcement missions are dangerous to all citizens – and particularly dangerous when some citizens are treated differently than others.

So, veterans beware. Sheriff Dupnik is reading our minds, and our government has begun to treat us like the enemy.

Harwood, M. (2009). Security Management. Security’s Web Connection. Domestic Extremist Dictionary leaked from DHS, then retracted.

Steinback, R. (2011). Hatewatch. Southern Poverty Law Center. Keeping an eye on the Radical Right.
Waddell, J. (2011). KGUN9 ABC. Raw Video: Sheriff Dupnik opens up about fatal SWAT raid.

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  1. Dear Friend
    Either you have the story wrong, or Police are now lying proving this was a deliberate assassination squad sent their by Police to kill Joe.
    Go back and do your research friend and look at all the News stories for this event, Police say they were there to serve a search warrant, searching for DRUGS, which Joe was a suspect in a Drugs case they were investigating.

    The attack on their home was described as a narcotics enforcement operation, but there are no reports that narcotics were found at the residence – - even though the invaders reportedly “seized” (that is, stole) something that belonged to the victim.

    While the rest of your article here pretty well describes the facts how USA is currently A Nazi - Police State

    Lets get the story straight it is being said by Police it was a narcotics enforcement operation

    Now you tell people it was "Suspected Murder Involvement Operation"

  2. Johnny come lately site this is really

    Regarding your reporting, i see you have What Really advertised on this site, if you were a true researcher, investigator you would of read from that site about Joe's killing and deliberate assassination by the Police, it was all on Mikes site.

    It was well reported in the Media the Police there were to serve a search warrant looking for drugs, because Joe was mentioned in a Drugs Investigation they were conducting

    Now 12 June 2011 you say it was a Murder investigation and Joe was involved in?

    Get your facts right friend, otherwise you will be known as a shill and disinformation artist

    My investigations i rang a few people there, who put me in touch with clerical staff - office staff at the Police Station tell me, this was an assassination squad sent to silence Joe.

    My contacts tell me Joe reported to Police this guy selling drugs at the factory where he worked, and also selling drugs to the kids at high schools and corrupt police officers were involved up to their necks with the supply, cover of the drugs being sold.

    Joe reported what he found out to the Police, and corrupt Police sent in this assassination squad to take Joe out.

    Where there is smoke there is also fire, i reported what i have just written here and findings of my quick investigations on other sites and it was quickly wiped by administrators by pressure from Police

    All the information is out, there its just a matter of talking to the right people, getting on the inside.

    I have supplied details now its for people in that town to take action, i live in another country none of my business to pursue this matter further, if the people of this town cant wake up smell the roses and see what is happening and if it needs be the people of the town going in and doing a citizens arrest, on all the police, seize their weapons and take control back of their town, well its not up to me to lead them from their Police - Nazi town

  3. One of the Pima County was shagging ms. Jose and not happy about husbands', he set up raid to have the man fragged.
    Anyone can see this wasn't the 1st string swat team stumbling around.
    The lies thus far alone give this incident a foul odor.
    Please, everyone...set up at least one wall of sand bags in your residence. Claymore mines would be good too. (wink)

  4. Mr. Waterhouse,
    My facts are all correct. The debriefing my article quotes is that of Sergeant Kyrgier, the SWAT supervisor. He states on the PDF where Detective Hess says Guerena is, "associated with a homicide" to SWAT an hour prior to the Guerena raid. Everything in the article is researched.
    For reference go to Echavarri, F. (2011). Arizona Daily Star. Complex drug probe triggered SWAT raid. Related documents (PDF: statements of officers involved in SWAT raid).
    For the Dupnik quote, go to the KGUN9 Waddell interview w/Dupnik on google. Bill Heuisler

  5. We are being
    told we cannot film them

    by our fellow citizens (cops) and they trade our freedoms for over time and fancy toys.

    Something is going to give,