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Election Fraud: Arizona's Ticking Time Bomb Set to Reverberate throughout the Nation

Precedent setting court case could improve election transparency in the United States.

The Libertarian party's pursuit of a remedy against Pima County's criminality and incompetence can have nationwide implications for disenfranchised voters throughout the country.  The Arizona Supreme Court ruled favorably on behalf of the Libertarian party, who argued that the courts must intervene when there is a failure of existing laws as well as a failure to enforce existing laws designed to keep elections transparent and accurate.

Today's press conference marks the beginning of the Libertarian party's request through the courts for changes to Pima County's election procedures, which have been found to be woefully inadequate.

Like most voting districts throughout the country, Pima County uses electronic voting machines now infamous for their numerous security flaws and errant outcomes.  Unique to Pima County is the mounting evidence of election fraud surrounding one specific election that took place in 2006.  This was a taxpayer-funded road construction measure worth two billion dollars.   This Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) initiative contained two "yes/no" questions which was part of a simple ballot design that contained only a total of four "yes/no" questions.  Part of the initial suspicion was fueled by this simple ballot initiative's unusual number of anomalies and malfunctions during the tally process, which was unmatched by any of the other more complex ballots counted in Pima County.

Bill Risner helped set the foundation for
prospective relief in this case.
The means, motive and opportunity for election fraud was clearly established by a previous court case over an electronic records request by the Democratic party.  Pima County refused to release the electronic database files for the 2006 RTA election.  Their resistance cost taxpayers approximately 1.5 million in legal fees in its failed effort to prevent the legal transfer of public records to political parties.  The Democratic Party eventually lost interest in the pursuit of prospective relief for election integrity once it became apparent that Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry Goddard was complicit in the criminal investigation of the 2006 RTA election.   Fortunately, the Libertarian party continued with the lawsuit to win the appeal over prospective relief. 

This case eventually demonstrated the failure of existing state laws to enable a timely challenge of election results due to a five day limit.  This problem seemed to be complemented by the failure of law enforcement, which was highlighted by the incompetent criminal investigation conducted by Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard. 

In short, Terry Goddard refused to conduct an audit by comparing one set of numbers (the ballots) to another set of numbers (the precinct totals or the poll tapes).  Goddard's team refused to conduct a forensic check of the ballots (which are still in existence) despite the suspects' (Pima County's)  access to them throughout the period of litigation.

Today's press conference is marked by the filing of the Libertarian party's initial disclosure statement, which contains the most comprehensive and comprehensible list of facts, legal theories and evidence surrounding the rigged 2006 RTA election.

Additional discovery will take place in this suit to complete the picture of election fraud and to further understand the shortcomings of existing election procedures in Pima County.  Apparently, Pima County is offering stiff legal resistance to the plaintiff's request for a list of people who visited the storage facility for access to the ballots in question during the period of litigation. 

Since HAVA, (Help America Vote Act), election fraud is rampant throughout the United States.  The Libertarian party's victory in obtaining prospective relief through the courts means that a court can issue orders that effect the transparency and accuracy of elections.  This case is precedent-setting and may be applicable to other election court cases throughout the country.

J.T. Waldron

Here is the press release info (which has a livestream link):

Press Conferences: The Pima County Election Fraud Case Heads to Back to Court

Just released; will be filed Thursday morning. “Statement of Facts”  Election Fraud Pima County:

Contacts: John R. Brakey, 520 339 2696, Bill Risner 520 622 7495,, Jim March,

When: Thursday January 12th, 2:30 pm
Where: Armory Park Senior Center
220 S. 5th Avenue, 220 S. 5th Avenue, Tucson AZ

Tucson, AZ: Since our saga began over five years ago, more and more people across America are becoming aware of the serious security flaws in computerized voting systems. They are systems designed to cheat, and they are everywhere. As the political scene heats up with the Presidential election, all eyes will be on Tucson as ground zero for exposing these flaws in open court and proposing reasonable checks and balances in the system. We must protect the purity of elections and public confidence in election results — a cornerstone of our democracy. That’s what this case is ultimately about.

BACKGROUND: AUDIT-AZ, the Pima County Libertarian Party and other interested citizens of multiple parties for years have been investigating election processes in Pima County. In previous actions, the Democratic Party took the lead in winning public records lawsuits and revealing the extent of the problems, including poor security practices on "designed to cheat" systems, election results that consistently did not add up, missing or falsified paper, and election officials and staff who continuously flout the law.

The Democratic and Libertarian Parties jointly filed suit years ago to ask a court to order reforms to the process. One local judge decided that his court was unable to do so no matter how obvious the problems might be. After that, the Democratic Party dropped out. The Libertarian Party did not: They appealed and won. Pima County appealed that decision to the AZ Supreme Court and lost. The courts have now ruled that if it can be proven that elections are being handled poorly, a local judge can indeed order Pima County to institute reforms.

IT’S GAME TIME: So after years of effort, we are “game on.” We plan to prove wide-ranging abuses of basic election security in Pima County Arizona and to obtain court-mandated improvements in the election process that could serve as a national model for how to do electronic voting properly and securely.

We have connected the dots into a 10-point quick summary of the fact pattern in this gripping saga of power and deceit. And we propose a remedy that is easy, inexpensive and doable. Let us share that and more with you. We promise a very interesting time.


·        RTA Fraud Slides for Press Conference 1/12/12 .pdf:

·        Flyer for Press Conference 1/12/12 pdf:

      ·        Just released: “Statement of Facts”

·        For more info: or:

Occupy Rigged Elections with C.A.R.E

If you can’t make it you can hopefully watch on line: starting at 2:30pm tomorrow you'll be able to watch it online at: Occupy Rigged Elections Tucson:
You may have to sit through one short ad first, after that we're on.

Hope, Peace and Occupy with C.A.R.E.  Care stands for Citizens Against Rigged Elections

John R Brakey

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