Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gold Reserves Now A National Security Issue For The World's Governments

Monty High

I've been feeling that the "India buys Iran's oil with gold" story (e.g. click here) was quite important for understanding the world geopolitical situation and for gold investing, but I wasn't sure exactly how. Just last night the reasoning to support the feeling came to me.
Let's review the major, recent geopolitical gold-related news stories:
  • Libya's Ghadafi pays his mercenaries with gold as he attempts to fend off the Bankster Empire attack masquerading as an Air Campaign to protect citizens from slaughter.

  • Venezuela's Chavez demands the return of Venezuela's gold from London. He realizes that Venezuela is definitely on the Bankster's list of "regimes that need changing".

  • Iran relies on gold to maintain international trade using gold as the Bankster Empire cuts it off from the dollar system and escalates its increasingly violent (bombs, assinations, etc.) campaign for regime change.

  • India relies on gold to maintain its supply of Iranian oil.

  • China and Russian, still not under the control of the Bankster Empire, eschew dollars for gold, beefing up their gold reserves as fast as they can without driving the price of gold too high, too fast.
Gold is what a nation (regime) relies on should the Bankster Empire turn against that nation.

The first thing the Bankster Empire does when its turning the screws on a regime is to freeze its assets. After that comes the kind of things happening to Iran (funding and supplying internal opponents, preventing them from doing trade by locking them out of the banking system, assinations, bombings, etc.). Throughout, gold reserves held within that nation allow the nation to continue to function and trade with other nations.

So, to any nation that is not fully integrated into the Bankster Empire (a non-aligned nation), gold reserves aren't a nice investment, they are an integral part of National Security (survival). As we know in the USA, national security trumps all other political priorities.

Here's my quick estimate of those nations which constitute the core of the Bankster Empire (dark green) and those nations that are clearly either close allies or vassals of the Empire (light green). Dark yellow constitutes those nations which are clearly outside of the control of the Bankster Empire with light yellow nations constituting those that I deem to be mostly outside of Bankster Empire control. Countries which are white are countries that I just don't know enough about to categorize. Please leave me a comment if you think I have a country misclassified.

As a result of the pattern formed from the Libya, Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia (all non-aligned), I'm expecting that every nation in the world (beginning with the non-aligned nations, but continuing to fully aligned nations like Germany) are going to making the accumulation a significant, no-kidding physical gold bullion reserve located on their own soil as a matter of national security, a top priority.

This major geopolitical shift is an unexpected consequence of the Banker Empire's squeezing of the Iranians that has enormous long-term bullish implications for the price of gold.

It seems Saddam Hussein's decision to sell oil in something other than the US dollar (Euros) was the final straw that drove the Bankster Empire to attack Iraq. I think that the Bankster Empire is not at all amused by the Iranian Gold For Oil deal and that they will be escalating their attack on Iran. Jim Rickards and Ron Paul are right. In my view, sanctions are a prelude to war and war with Iran is already underway and that will become more apparent as time goes by. That seems bullish for oil and gold for the short and medium-term.

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