Here is Israel's Crap Treatment of an American Jew, Thanks Obama, Biden and Clinton

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'Not in my name' - God bless the resistance...

This is what Israel's political and military supporters are
responsible for, action against this rogue regime is imminent.
(SALEM / JERUSALEM) - First of all, to the evil heartless bastards in the Israeli government and their group YouTube, this clip of your mindless thugs beating a young American trying to speak his mind about Israeli atrocities in Israel is downloaded, it is here, we have it, and we promise to help it go viral. 

So take the YouTube version down in the spirit of Zionism, we will be sure that it is on several other video sites that are real and not just some damned extension of Israel's arm of oppression that tragically is funded by my own government. 

I don't know the young man that the Israeli police and soldiers mercilessly brutalize, beat, choke and arrested in Jerusalem today; they look at one point like they are trying to kill him and every one of those sons of bitches in the Israeli military and police need to be taken down and tried for this disgusting act of Nazi-like fascist brutality.

He said on camera before being assaulted by Israeli police and soldiers, that Israel's policies toward Palestinians are, "Completely unjustified, fantastically reprehensible, and we will world Jewry and all people, the world will not stop until this occupation ends".

He also said Palestinians have, "The right to live without occupation, and equal rights in Israel."

That was about all it took, and they were on him, excessive force from the moment it began. He had a Palestinian flag on his scarf and another on his Jewish kippah and that was quite obviously part of why the Israeli officials attacked him so ruthlessly. 

Israel wants to shove their illegal brutality in front of the world, they don't mind, they don't care, they treat Americans like this? Has anyone ever seen something quite like this happen to an American?

Watch how they beat him as they put him in the tiny space of a compact pick up truck's back seat which isn't fit for transporting adults in the first place. These Israeli cops are as bad, wrong and unjustified in their actions, and the thing to appreciate is that this is what is happening to the Palestinians every day, all day, at checkpoints, border crossings, and when they are just walking down the street.

Thugs, brutes, fascists, prejudice bigots, warmongers, these are not Jews, they are not Israelis, they are the Israeli government of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the world needs to put its foot up the backside of Israel's apartheid ass.

From the YouTube video:

يهودي امريكي لكنه اشرف من نصف الامة العربية Jewish-American man being harassed in Jerusalem
EE.UU. religión judía está siendo hostigado y golpeado por las fuerzas sionistas en Jerusalén
دین یهودی ایالات متحده است مورد آزار و توسط رژیم صهیونیستی در بیت المقدس مورد ضرب و
Etats-Unis la religion juive est harcelée et battue par les forces sionistes à Jérusalem

American-Jewish young man is being harassed and treated unfairly he is then arrested in Jerusalem for speaking out against the Israeli occupation. How sad, he had the courage to speak out but then was arrested unfair