Monday, January 4, 2010

Another False Flag Promo Piece?

"60 Minutes" airs a feature confirming the vulnerabilities of crucial U.S. infrastructure and defense computer networks.

This is a strange news story. There’s no denying the tendency to construct a network without the imagination to foresee how vulnerable that network is – it reminds us of genetically modified foods and the unknown elements behind the dangerous effects truly realized.

From another perspective, think of what a perfect excuse a cyber attack could be to invade another country. All you have to do is shut down a power grid for a couple weeks, bring reporters in to show the resulting casualties, then proclaim the discovery that one particular country hacked the U.S. power grid.

Or, you could say that the Department of Defense just happened to launch a couple nukes towards Bolivia, but only because some hacker got into the the U.S. Defense network. Voila!

This news story is strange because an open public admission of the vulnerabilities of the U.S. Department of Defense gives birth to worlds of hacker wannabees with new ambitions to invade the U.S. Defense system. Why do that?

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