Sunday, July 17, 2011

10:45 am BBC reports 3rd building near World Trade Center has collapsed

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Editors Note:  If Jane Standley is saying that her broadcast (recorded in the clip below) is less than two hours since the planes hit the buildings, then her broadcast is consistent with  the time of 10:45AM, approximately six hours prior to the actual collapse of WTC7. 

Jane Standley in an early report stating that another building close to the towers has collapsed.
This clip was found via a research collective that I run on paltalk. This is the direct link to the room: - your help is needed. There are 2, 911 truth rooms on paltalk, mine is the one with 911 in words, not numbers. But please check out both. If you are willing to help and have any problems getting onto paltalk just email me at and i will try to help. Get on board - we are many, they are few.

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