Monday, July 18, 2011

'Israel aims to destabilize Pakistan'


Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik says Israeli-made weapons have been recently used in the largest Pakistani city of Karachi to cause unrest.

The Pakistani minister also pointed out that an investigation into the issue has been launched.

On Thursday, a fresh round of ethnic fighting left over a dozen people dead in Karachi.

Press TV talks with Syed Tariq Pirzada, strategic affairs analyst from Islamabad, to discuss the issue.

Press TV: Does the Israeli involvement in Pakistan come as a surprise to you, or the contrary, did you expect that this would come to light sooner or later?

Pirzada: Remember the fundamental policy of Washington and Israel is to destabilize particularly those countries among the Muslim nations that are less compliant with US policies which are seen as troublemakers by Washington and Pakistan is unfortunately seen this way and this is the real story at the present time. So if we can trust the statement of Mr. Rehman Malik ... that means one more chapter has opened in the case of the flow of arms into Pakistan.

We already knew that earlier the arms were coming through India to Afghanistan by sea but now we have the story, a disturbing story, about... of course it does not come as a surprise but it comes as a very disturbing development that Israel is part of the supply of weapons for destabilizing Pakistan.

Press TV: So you basically say that their motives for fomenting unrest in an already volatile Pakistan are to increase unrest in the region, right?

Pirzada: Absolutely and particularly in this part of the Muslim states that Pakistan is located; at the other end and if there is peace in Pakistan, there will be progress, there will be growth , there will be assertion of power, there will be greater resistance to policies and influence of Washington.

So the more Pakistan is unstable, the greater the destabilization in Pakistan, the greater the interests of Israel and Washington get served.

Press TV: Do you think that this is just the tip of the iceberg? Do you think that more revelations of this sort are yet to come?

Pirzada: In this very dangerous world in which Pakistan is living at the present time because of the US policy and I am very clear it is Israel and Washington and of course New Delhi particularly in relation to Pakistan you are going to expect any aggravation in the situation and the supply of weapons is definitely going to be a part of that. A stable Pakistan does not suit anyone of these three countries.

Press TV: What are you expecting to see? What kind of a reaction are you expecting to see from both Islamabad and from the Pakistani people?

Pirzada: Well, Pakistani people are like always. They are shocked everyday with new developments and this development that there is news about the flow of arms coming to Pakistan from Israel [and] through Israel, by sea or by land or by some of the routes, we do not know exactly how they are getting here but that is a very disturbing development for the people and the country, of course, they are the citizens.

But for a person like me who analyses the situation, this definitely has a new dangerous dimension to a volatile situation in our country and certainly the government has to take some serious note of that; otherwise we have heard before statements like that and credible information like that about different sources and now Israel of course we do not hear any information shared with the people of Pakistan. That is the other disturbing part of the story.

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