Friday, September 2, 2011

AG Holder swaps a rat with a mouse

The Examiner
William Heuisler

Ken Melson
Tuesday Eric Holder replaced “lab rat”, Ken Melson with house mouse, Todd Jones.

Whistleblower-Agent Vince Cefalu says Melson is a “lab rat” that should never have been put in charge of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Agent Cefalu says there is a “cover your ass” attitude by Attorney General (AG) Holder. (Richardson, 2011)

So Todd Jones fits right in.

Cefalu was one of the first ATF agents to report weapons smuggling to Mexican drug cartels by Holder’s Project Gunrunner (Fast and Furious in Arizona) that resulted in the murder of Tucson District Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

Cefalu said, “I think everything we said all along has been proven to be true. It’s no secret that they’re cleaning house.” Cefalu added that AG Holder almost certainly asked ATF Director Ken Melson what job he wanted in return for his silence. “You don’t think they gave him that for his stellar performance at ATF, do you?” (Richardson, 2011)

But new ATF Director, Jones, was as deeply involved in Fast and Furious as Melson. Nothing has changed in ATF leadership but the names.

Todd Jones has been involved in Gunrunner and Fast and Furious since October of 2009.
According to Senator Charles Grassley’s June 15, 2011 congressional testimony, Todd Jones was a member of the Southwest Border Strategy Group that met on October 27, 2009 to discuss Gunrunner, Fast and Furious, and smuggling guns into Mexico. Present were, Assistant AG Lanny Breuer, Kenneth Melson, Director, ATF, William Hoover, Deputy Director, ATF, Michele Leonhart, DEA, Robert Mueller, Director FBI, Justice Department Directors of Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Marshals, the US Attorneys of four Border States and …Chairman of the AG’s Advisory Committee, Todd Jones. (Owens, 2011) (Grassley, 2011)
Advisory Committee? Todd Jones was Eric Holder’s in-house flunky for years - an in-house mouse, so to speak.

Further reference: Examiner articles 7/8/2011 and 8/30/2011

Also promoted for smuggling murder-guns was Phoenix, Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley, who oversaw Fast and Furious on a day-to-day basis. He was reassigned from the criminal to civil division. Three other ATF supervisors responsible for the illegal Fast and Furious were promoted: William G. McMahon, a former Deputy Director of Operations, took over the Office of Professional Responsibility. Field supervisors William D. Newell and David Voth were also promoted by the AG to higher pay grades.

But grunt-level ATF whistleblowers have been scattered so they cannot further expose AG Holder’s Mexican smuggling schemes. Four conscientious agents who would not abide smuggling and murder were reassigned (but not promoted) to Florida and South Carolina.

Attorney General Holder only promotes his in-house rodents.

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