Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cuccinelli says EPA report supports his assertions

Washington Times
David Sherfinski

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II
Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II on Wednesday blasted the Environmental Protection Agency in the wake of a recent inspector general´s report that found it failed to follow federal rules in its process of using climate change data to conclude greenhouse gases are a threat to human health.

Mr. Cuccinelli, a global warming skeptic, first petitioned the EPA in February 2010 to convene and reconsider its conclusion and filed a lawsuit in federal court in the wake of the "Climategate" scandal, in which researchers from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were accused of manipulating climate data based on a number of stolen emails. A handful of investigations have cleared scientists of wrongdoing.

The agency noted that the report did not address the science at hand, merely processes and procedures.
"I fully expected supporters of the greenhouse gas endangerment finding would argue and will continue to argue that the violations identified in the investigation are only technicalities," Mr. Cuccinelli said. "But these rules were put in place to guarantee that the regulatory process was not hijacked by a political agenda — by either party. Both scientists and government officials should operate in transparent ways, and the rules that the EPA failed to follow were designed to guarantee such transparency and to make certain that its conclusions were sound and based on the best available scientific data."

Among a number of shortcomings, the report concluded that rather than performing its own research, the EPA relied on work done by others and did not determine whether the data met its own quality guidelines before distributing it.

The peer review panel also did not meet independence requirements because one of the panelists was an EPA employee, and the EPA did not adequately identify the level of scientific information it was using to support its action, the report said.

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  1. Inteercept, you may be interested in

    A great page on aspartame!

  2. Remember folks, Al 'I got a 'D' in my only college science class' Gore does not need to prove his 'Global Warming' point to we the American public. As long as he continues to relay the illusion of 'Global Warming' to the English royalty as being fact, he has fulfilled his responsibility for further employment with her royal lizardship. The 'Crown Wizard' is the name of his post, I believe. Something like royal crystal-gazer. Or royal sooth-sayer, royal intestine diagnostician, whatever. Just as long as it ignores logical derivation of ideas or The Scientific Method, and keeps queenie in a fog.

    The European royal families have no purpose without having slaves, so they are lonely and going broke in a way that would have had any royal wizard's head chopped off for mentioning, until recently.

    If the ponzi scheme federal reserve system fails to feed people when so much land has been misappropriated in the past with guns, this could go badly. Perhaps we should relieve Monsanto of their burden and clean it up for replanting first. Morgan-Stanley running the foodstamp program scares me. I don't get FSs,yet.

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