Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kerry’s kiss off

 The International News
Anjum Niaz

Do you remember a man with a long face, angular eyes and a shock of salt-and-pepper head? Surely you can recall the authoritative voice, especially when he vowed that Raymond Davis will face a “criminal investigation” if Pakistan let him go. “It is customary in an incident like this for our government to conduct a criminal investigation. That is our law,” promised Senator Kerry. “And I can give you the full assurance of our government today that [it] will take place.”

It never took place! And even if it did (unbeknownst to ordinary mortals) can Senator Kerry, chairman Foreign Relations Senate Committee tell us why after seven months, the CIA killer roams free, given his penchant to hunt humans. His latest victim is a father of two little girls who saw their father being punched, kicked and beaten, causing a vertebrae fracture at a parking lot in Colorado.

There is zero tolerance for assault and battery here. That an American citizen got seriously hurt, (never mind that Pakistani lives and rulers are cheap – three were killed in Lahore yet the US got back its man) the law has moved in. Davis can be in jail for five years! Neither Kerry nor the CIA can save him a second time around.

About the Kerry kiss off – Did the US intelligence agencies skip the senator’s promise he made to Pakistanis; or did he himself balk out once Davis was back in the US?

Top guns at the White House, Congress, State Department, Pentagon, the CIA, and the US military considered Raymond Davis a prize to be saved at any cost. Even if it meant dragging in the House of Saud and asking for King Abdullah to pay blood money to the relatives of the three dead men.

What indispensible secret does Raymond’s angry bloated chest hide that must remain hidden at all times? Pakistan’s winter was consumed by puffed up TV blowhards vowing death for Davis. One day he vanished. All fell silent; Zardari went underground; Gilani garbled; GHQ disdained comment and Foreign Minister Qureshi scrambled incoherent sound bites and then resigned.

Life pulled back from the brink. We went back to uncontained terrorism, loadshedding, corruption, inflation, MQM’s parlour games with blind man’s bluff being their # 1; drone attacks accompanied with visits from all shades, stripes and shapes of American congressmen and brass paying homage at the court of Pakistan’s president.

Today, the nimble wits at our Washington embassy are seized with Davis. They are asking the US Justice Department to hold an “inquiry” into the January 27 killing. Nine months too late, guys in our Washington embassy are looking to score big brownie points from our real rulers – the military.

The tragedy of this world is the influence of men with small minds. These pygmies rule to ruin lives of billions all around the earth. Their petty politics impoverishes us. Yet we vow to serve, salute and declare them our masters. They wield money, power and influence; they control the nuclear bombs; they kill whoever comes in their way; they steal the state’s assets; they lie; they are bullies and they are the real curse of God to mankind. They live long.

Dead are two great men this week who tried changing the world with their vision for the good of man. Both battled pancreatic cancer. Dr Ralph Steinman died three days before he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for breakthrough in immunology. He fought cancer for four years while researching ways to find a cure for this deadly disease. Steve Jobs, 56, co-founder of Apple, combated the same disease for eight years while revolutionising the Digital Age with personal computers, music, movies and cell phones.

Let’s honour such men; the rest are mere jokers!


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