Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interesting numbers coming out of Alabama

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Interesting numbers coming out of Alabama... Just for comparison Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney's Popular vote vs Delegate Votes

//Popular Vote
Ron Paul: 5.0% 30,494

//Delegate Votes
Ron's delegates Place 1: 75,385
Ron's delegates Place 2: 71,069
Ron's delegates Place 3: 67,953
Ron's delegates Place 4: 68,630

Why would someone not vote for Ron Paul in the popular vote, but vote for his delegates? Or, was the popular vote manipulated and the delegate vote not? Who knows, but something is not right here. From the looks of it, Ron Paul probably received around 75,000+ votes rather than the 30,000 reported.

//Popular Vote
Mitt Romney: 29.0% 178,601

//Delegate Votes
Romney's delegates Place 1: 162,265
Romney's delegates Place 2: 144,302
Romney's delegates Place 3: 142,862
Romney's delegates Place 4: 141,725

Look at Romney's delegates, pretty close to his total number of popular votes.

Oh, and all the delegate votes still haven't been counted.

Here's the Alabama Ballot:

In the ballot it clearly states:

"Votes for delegate candidates pledged to someone other than the voter's choice for President ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER REPUBLICAN PARTY RULES."

Ron Paul only has received around 30,000 of the popular votes, yet has around 70,000-75,000 votes for his delegate candidates... (and on the ballot you only vote for one delegate per place)

So this leaves three scenarios in my mind:

1. The popular vote is rigged
2. Voters didn't read the rules and filled out their ballots in entire - problems with this:
* Wouldn't the other candidates have similar gains in their delegate votes?
* The ballot reader should not have accepted the ballot
3. The ballot machine did not validate ballots

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