Thursday, March 1, 2012

Journalists Mike Murphy of NBC and Donna Brazile of CNN to speak at conference promoting Iran war


AIPAC's list of confirmed speakers for its upcoming policy conference includes some network journalists-- notably liberal commentators Paul Begala of CNN and Donna Brazile of CNN and ABC. Brazile formerly headed the Voting Rights Institute. I wonder what she's going to say about Palestinian rights. And there's Mike Murphy of NBC, a Republican strategist hired by the network as a political analyst.

All these folks will be speaking at a gathering that will be pushing war on Iran... As the Forward reports (thanks Annie Robbins):
A proposed Senate resolution, supported by the pro-Israel lobby, would shift America’s red line in dealing with Iran from preventing the Islamic Republic’s acquisition of nuclear weapons to stopping it before it achieves “nuclear capabilities.”
The resolution, now gaining signatures in the Senate, will be the legislative centerpiece of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as it convenes for its annual Washington conference, to take place in early March.
What are the networks' ethics policies on this sort of appearance?
Oh and AIPAC denied my application for credentials.

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