Friday, March 16, 2012

"Massacre carried out by 15 to 20 soldiers"



Afghan President Hamid Karzai at a meeting with tribal elders and senior officials lashed out at the lack of cooperation from the Americans to the investigation into the massacre of last Sunday.

In connection with the massacre in Panjwai, where at least 16 civilians were killed, showed Karzai is unhappy that the occupying powers attributed the massacre to a single, "runaway" military.  "According to our people, the act is not performed by a single man and it was a conscious and deliberate act," said Karzai.  He suspects that the massacre was a carefully planned action.

The Afghan president, thus confirming the finding of a parliamentary inquiry team that the atrocities were carried out by "fifteen to twenty American soldiers."  According to MP Lali Hamizai the massacre lasted over an hour and was performed by two groups of soldiers. The deaths in two villages, about a mile apart.  From 11 of the 16 victims, the corpses were burned.  Lali would like that the perpetrators be tried in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, he came in a telephone conversation with President Barack Obama agree that the international occupation force itself, as agreed, withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2014 and not, as Karzai Thursday had demanded in 2013.  For his political survival, Karzai is in fact dependent on the U.S..

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