Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yet Another Paper Shows Manmade CO2 Plays Insignificant Role In Climate Change

Editor's Note:  If anyone had doubts about the hysterical manner in which anthropogenic global warming  is being pushed through the media, they only need to observe how the current summer trend is linked to "human activity" by mainstream media pundits.   Consider the feeble-minded Koch shill, Muller.  Do you think folks who have changed their mind in the other direction (like Lindzen, Lovejoy, or Vahrenholdt) would be greeted with such fanfair and given a feature on "Democracy Now!"?  We already know the answer to that question.

P. Gosselin

Martin Hertzberg

The main pillar of the global warming, climate change theory is the claim that trace gas CO2 is the single major player impacting climate today. To maintain this, alarmist scientists and climate modelers have been forced to blow up the effects of CO2 by one order of magnitude in their models and to neglect a series of other factors (like the sun!).

Not surprisingly, we see from observations today that the assumed CO2 impacts have indeed been massively overblown. Now the scientists are left to fudge and falsify past climate data to force it to fit their crumbling models.

Ed Caryl’s two recent posts on the subject point out that the Modtran model of the US Air Force, who are forced to rely on real data for successful operations, also shows that CO2 has little impact on warming. Read here and here.

Now there’s a new paper by Martin Hertzberg titled: The night-time radiative transport between the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere, and free space, which is to be published by Energy & Environment (Vol. 23, No. 5, 2012), hat-tip Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

The paper concludes:

In addition, since the recent increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations have a trivial effect on the atmosphere’s total emissivity, the effect of those recent CO2 increases on the overall infrared radiative flux balance is insignificant.

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