Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keep the Ball Rolling: It's Time to Stop Mainstream Media Lies

Global Research
Michel Chossudovsky
Dear Global Research Readers,

Mainstream media fiction has reached new heights.

Public opinion is duped into endorsing the repeal of civil liberties in the name of "national security" as well as the conduct of "humanitarian wars" with a view to promoting "democracy" and achieving a lasting "World peace".

Without media disinformation and war propaganda, which offensively pervade the global news chain, the legitimacy of the US-NATO military agenda would collapse like a deck of cards.

Despite relentless efforts of the independent alternative media to convey unbiased analysis and honest news reporting, the outright lies and fabrications of the mainstream media continue to thrive.

For almost eleven years, Global Research, together with partner alternative media organizations, has sought Truth in Media with a view to eventually "disarming" the corporate media's disinformation crusade.

To reverse the tide, we call upon our readers to participate in an important endeavor.

Global Research has more than 50,000 "unique visitors" on the website and 30,055 subscribers to our Newsletter.

Our objective is to recruit one thousand committed "volunteers" among our 30,000 Newsletter subscribers to support the distribution of Global Research articles.

Do not send us money. Under Plan A below, we call upon our readers to donate 5 minutes a day to Global Research.

If, however, you are pressed for time in the course of a busy day, scroll down to Plan B.

PLAN A: Donate 5 minutes a day to Global Research

Step Number One

Establish an email list of some fifty friends and family, or use your existing email list.

Forward the daily Global Research Newsletter and/or your favorite Global Research articles to this list on a daily basis, with a personal message to your friends.

Make sure that the title and url hyperlink address of the article appear together with the entire text of the article.

In your personal message to your friends, kindly ask them to forward the article to their own family and friends email list as well as post the article on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Encourage your friends in your personal note to subscribe to our Newsletter as well as become a Member of Global Research.
"Keep the Ball Rolling"

Ask your friends through their email lists to ask their friends to contact their friends, and so on.

If this procedure is carried out effectively, Global Research articles will reach thousands of additional readers, contributing thereby to challenging the mainstream media consensus.

Five minutes a day. Let us know how you are proceeding. Send your feedback on your endeavors to

Step Number Two

Use the various instruments of online posting and social media creatively to "spread the word".

Click the "like" and "share" buttons on our articles' pages for starters. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are also many other avenues.

Post one or more Global Research articles on internet discussion groups and forums.

Post your opinion on mainstream media comments sections (e.g. BBC, CNN, Washington Post), with the title and hyperlink to the original Global Research article. This is an effective way of expressing your viewpoint, challenging mainstream news reports as well as promoting Global Research articles.

Cross-post Global Research articles on blog sites, alternative media sites, etc. Send/submit the article to the consideration of internet news and blog sites.

Send Global Research articles to local news media (both online and print), including community newspapers, local news outlets, student news on university and college campuses, etc.

Five minutes a day. Let us know how you are proceeding. Send your feedback on your endeavors to
Thanks for your support and endorsement.

PLAN B: Consider Making a Donation and/or becoming a Global Research Member
Global Research operates on a shoestring budget. We are fortunate to count among our regular contributors a number of prominent and committed writers, researchers, professionals and academics as well as several promising young authors. All our authors, many of whom are busy full-time professionals, as well as the editors and CRG directors, are volunteers.

Commitment to truth and honest reporting is the driving force. A lot of work has gone into writing, researching and editing, with a view to reaching a broad readership.

In an era of media distortion, our emphasis has been on the "unspoken truth". To maintain our independence, we do not seek foundation funding and elite philanthropic sponsorship, which invariably contribute to setting limits on the scope and focus of media reporting.
We therefore largely rely on contributions from our readers.

Please consider making a donation and/or becoming a Global Research Member. Any amount large or small will contribute to the broad objective of Truth in Media.

Also, please forward this message to your family and friends and "keep the ball rolling".

Tax Receipts for deductible charitable contributions

We are now in a position through our fiscal sponsorship program, to provide tax receipts for deductible charitable contributions by US residents for donations to Global Research in excess 
of $400.00

If you are a US resident and wish to make a tax deductible donation of $400 or more, contact us at (please indicate "US Donation" in the subject line) and we will send you the details.

We are much indebted for your support.

For peace, social justice and truth,

Michel Chossudovsky

August 16, 2012

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