Monday, November 21, 2011

Army against genuine change in Egypt


In Egypt, clashes between police and protesters have left at least three people dead and close to seven hundreds injured.

Egyptian riot police clashed with protesters in the capital Cairo, demanding a speedy transition of power from the ruling military council to a civilian government.

The police used tear gas against thousands of protesters in and around central Cairo's Liberation Square.

The clashes come just over a week before parliamentary elections.

Egypt is set to begin parliamentary elections on Nov. 28. The vote would be the first since Hosni Mubarak's ouster in February.

The voting process could be disrupted if political parties and the military rulers fail to resolve the dispute over the constitutional proposal.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, with the Society for International Reforms and Research, to share his opinion on this issue.

Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: What is your assessment of the situation in Egypt right now?

Wasif: Well, there should be one thing which should be remembered regarding Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan that all three countries share one thing and their wanting in common is the British legacy and that legacy is the dominance of the military in the day to day affairs and in the political affairs.

So all three countries especially Egypt at this point, is having the same problem there. It's that subjugation of its people by the military is a day to day affair there. So even after the removal of Hosni Mubarak that situation hasn't changed that much which was expected.

So even after his removal we see the same system, almost the same system, almost the same people with some cosmetic changes there so if it is basically a struggle between the pro-American, the pro-Zionist forces and anti American, anti Zionist forces in that region and the military of Egypt, military of Turkey, military of Pakistan, they are the institutions which are unfortunately acting on behalf of the American policies or the American government in the successive, in the respective countries.

In Egypt the military doesn't want a change, a genuine change, it is just trying to appease the people, to pacify the people by giving them a couple of lollipops in the shape of changing some superficial policies there where the fundamental policies of the Egyptian regime remain the same--a policy with coexistence with Israel or for that matter a policy of supporting Israel, a policy of pressuring its own people with the economic deprivation there, with unemployment there, with no political rights, human rights, civil rights for its people.

So unless and until there is a fundamental change in the system there in Egypt, I think the situation will remain the same and it doesn't matter how many people get…

So what I am foreseeing is a direct clash between the people of Egypt and its military and the result will be what I am seeing will be in the shape of the same as what we have seen in 1979 in Tehran, in Iran where the military was crushed by its people and the people came up as victor. So is the case with the Egyptian military what I am foreseeing at this moment.

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