Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From 9/11 To World War III:Towards The Construction of A Global Fascist State

The Excavator
Saman Mohammadi

"Is not war the very root and matter of all famed enterprises? And yet what more foolish than to undertake it for I know what trifles, especially when both parties are sure to lose more than they get by the bargain? For of those that are slain, not a word of them; and for the rest, when both sides are close engaged "and the trumpets make an ugly noise," what use of those wise men, I pray, that are so exhausted with study that their thin, cold blood has scarce any spirits left? No, it must be those blunt, fat fellows, that by how much the more they exceed in courage, fall short in understanding." - Erasmus, "In Praise of Folly."

"Oh Zeus Universal, if you hear our song,
Show us again your immortal power
In this darkest hour." - Sophocles, “Oedipus the King.”
The propaganda campaign against Iran, which began in its latest incarnation when the Obama administration falsely accused Tehran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington, has already lost steam.

Officials in Washington and Tel Aviv have failed to convince the international community that a) Iran has a nuclear bomb, and b) a nuclear Iran poses a significant threat to the existence of Israel, or the security of the world.

Iran's rise in the region represents the end of the dominance of the Anglo-American empire and Israel, not the end of the world.

The geopolitical shift towards the balance of powers within the Middle East is healthy and beneficial for both the region and the world. For the past sixty years Israel has not been afraid of attacking any of her neighbours, so a new power on the scene is good because it will put this bully in check. Somebody needs to knock some sense into Israeli leaders and make them reevaluate their current destructive and criminal behavior.

But the maniacs and state terrorists who are guiding America's Middle East strategy want us to fear a Middle East in which nations are held accountable for their aggressive policies. Washington's cult of death want people everywhere to hide under their desks because of the "Iranian bomb," like it is 1959.

Their partners in crime in Israel are even more delusional and out of touch with reality. Its moronic leader has the chutzpah to compare himself to Churchill and believes the world is 1939 all over again.

It's like we're all trapped in a bad film.

Around the world, the public's patience regarding the decade-long war of terror has run thin. In Pakistan there is hatred against America because it is acting like a bully and still has the audacity to claim it is a leader in a war against religious extremism. This populist feeling will only grow in the months ahead because it is more than likely that the unfolding breakdown of relations between both countries will reach a catastrophic end.
I've written before that the war criminals who did the 9/11 attacks will once again turn to false flag terrorism in America to ruin Pakistan, rescue themselves from the negative poll numbers in America and start World War III in the Middle East.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran have all been targeted for destruction by Israel and the Anglo=American empire, after which they will be brought under the control of a global fascist state. This scenario seems more plausible as each day passes.

A full=scale war with Pakistan to capture its loose nukes will end in ecological, economic, and human disaster. And an attack on Iran by would be a suicidal move and accomplish none of the stated objectives. It will only accelerate the downfall of American power in the Middle East, and turn Israel into history's most hated nation, for good reason.

Why is America waging a world war in the Middle East if it is not reaping any benefits from it? Why is it destroying itself in the process of fighting a manufactured threat called terrorism?

The answer is simple.

America has not gone wild in the Middle East, drunk with power and hungry for loot. The world is not threatened by American hegemony. Rather, a much darker, and more powerful force is directing events to its own satisfaction. Let's call it the International Banking Regime, (IBR).

America has been under the occupation of this regime since December 23, 1913. Ever since then America has been the target of a silent economic, political, military, cultural, and spiritual war.

The financial assassins of the IBR have used media deception, financial depressions, and usurious debt to turn America into its biggest colony and most treasured resource.

With America under its wing, the IBR has been able to wage a total war on the planet, the end result of which can be considered the last geographical, political and economic conquest: a global fascist state.

The IBR can be referred to by many names. It is most popularly known as the Illuminati. Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty said in his book 'The Secret Team' that Winston Churchill spoke of a "High Cabal," that made the world what it is.

Whatever name you want to give it, this godlike force has had a very evil presence in international affairs and human development for over two hundred years. It created the political and economic conditions for both World War I and World War II.

And it has done so again for World War III. It did this by putting Khomeini and the Islamic fundamentalists in power in Iran, staging the 9/11 attacks two decades later, and crashing the world economy at the turn of the first decade in this century.

One of the main goals of World War III is to destroy America as a global power. The foreign policy establishment who work in the CFR and other tentacles of the IBR are not loyal to Washington and the collective interests of the American people, but to the emerging global fascist state.

If their "new world order" becomes a global reality, it will mean the death of America and humanity, and the final victory of evil over good.

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