Monday, February 13, 2012

Exclusive: Republican Strategist Says Iowa GOP Will Not Allow Paul To Win

Strategist and commentator Dee Dee Benkie told Breitbart TV that she had spoken with Iowa GOP officials and that she was convinced that the State party was not going to allow Ron Paul to win the Iowa caucuses

R. Smith makes the following observation in the comments section of the source page:

Republican strategist” Dee Dee Benkie took part in the Great American Panel segment on Hannity Monday night (12/26/11) where she spewed falsehoods about “rampant” voter fraud in this country and made unsubstantiated accusations about Democrats trying to steal elections. Although voter fraud has been shown to be very rare, guest host Mark Steyn accepted her comments without challenge. He did not even ask her to back up her outrageous claims that Democrats are deliberately trying to steal elections.

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