Friday, February 10, 2012

Were Cheerleaders for a Libyan Style Intervention of Syria Interrupted by Patrick Seale?

Amy Goodman's appalling coverage of NATO's plundering of Libya made "Democracy Now" look like cheerleaders for humanitarian death squads.

The next good-will bombing adventure may take place in Syria. No challenge from Amy Goodman as Susan Rice chastises China and Russia for their decision not to participate.  State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland also occupied a sizable chuck of "Democracy Now" time to deliver her caring, empathetic, yet offensively condescending tone as she stated the need for the U.S. to "work outside of the United Nations" so the U.S. can force democracy on Syria.

Amy Goodman began her final interview on the subject with British author Patick Seale, who offered a surprisingly realistic account of the situation in Syria.  Is that what Amy Goodman was going for?  You decide.

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