Tuesday, February 28, 2012

War Criminal Bill Clinton Among Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

Kurt Nimmo
Former president Bill Clinton is among nominees for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Reuters reports. Jan Egeland, the European director of Human Rights Watch, mentioned Clinton after the five-member Norwegian Nobel Committee said it was considering two hundred and thirty one names.

Nobel Prize winner Obama learned how to sell mass murder as humanitarianism from Clinton.

In 2009, the current war criminal in chief, Barry Obama, was chosen as peacemaker. The Committee said Obama received the award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.” Obama was continuing and amplifying upon Bush’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan at the time, making him a perfect candidate for the hypocritical “award” doled out by the ossified Norwegian Nobel Institute and its secretariat.

In 1999, Bill Clinton was one of the world’s leading war criminals. He had surpassed the crimes of his predecessor and “brought to the commission of war crimes a new eclectic reach and postmodern style,” Edward S. Herman wrote at the time. “A skilled public relations person, he has refined the rhetoric of humanistic and ethical concern and can apologize with seeming great sincerity,” a parlor trick Obama has attempted to emulate.

Clinton bombed the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sudan, killing untold numbers. In the latter case, he bombed a pharmaceutical plant.

His putrid crown was the sanctions regime imposed on Iraq. “UNICEF reports that in 1999 more than 1 million Iraqi children under 5 were suffering from chronic malnutrition, and some 4,000-5,000 children are dying per month beyond normal death rates from the combination of malnutrition and disease,” writes Herman. “Death from disease was greatly increased by the shortage of potable water and medicines, that has led to a 20-fold increase in malaria (among other ailments). This vicious sanctions system, causing a creeping extermination of a people, has already caused more than a million excess deaths,” a toll that has exceeded the toll of “all so-called weapons of mass destruction [nuclear and chemical] throughout all history,” according to John and Karl Mueller.

Clinton and NATO specialized in targeting civilians like these Albanian refugees.
In Yugoslavia, Clinton targeted civilian infrastructure and civilian facilities – houses, hospitals, schools, trains, factories, power stations, and broadcasting facilities. Noted journalist John Pilger added “housing estates, hotels, libraries, youth centers, theaters, museums, churches and 14th century monasteries on the World Heritage list” to Clinton’s target roster. According to Yugoslav authorities, 60 percent of NATO targets were civilian, including 33 hospitals and 344 schools, as well as 144 major industrial plants and a large petro-chemical plant whose bombing caused a pollution catastrophe.

Not long after Clinton ran out of targets, the BBC reported that the use of depleted uranium in Serbia would cause 10,000 extra deaths from cancer. Scientists at Kozani in northern Greece reported that radiation levels were 25% above normal whenever the wind blew from the direction of Kosovo while Bulgarian researchers reported finding levels eight times higher than usual within Bulgaria itself, and up to 30 times higher in Yugoslavia.

Considering the fact that the Nobel Prize is now a cheap artifact awarded to war criminals and psychopaths, Clinton should be a shoo-in. Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, and more than 200 other nominees should be dropped from consideration.

Bill Clinton, war criminal extraordinaire, is the ideal choice.

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