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The Dilemma of False Terrorism

The Daily Bell
Anthony Wile

New York Times article has attracted attention in alternative media circles for its portrait of Bernard von NotHaus, the "Rosa Parks of the cons
titutional currency movement."
Bernard von NotHaus

Entitled, "Prison May Be the Next Stop on a Gold Currency Journey," the article describes von NotHaus and his current predicament.

Mr. von NotHaus was convicted of using precious metals
 to back a currency he called the Liberty Dollar, which he says was "a private voluntary currency" for those conducting business outside the government's purview
His name is Bernard von NotHaus, and he is a professed "monetary architect" and a maker of custom coins found guilty last spring of counterfeiting charges for minting and distributing a form of private money called the Liberty Dollar.

... Mr. von NotHaus managed over the last decade to get more than 60 million real dollars' worth of his precious metal-backed currency into circulation across the country — so much, and with such deep penetration, that the prosecutor overseeing his case accused him of "domestic terrorism" for using them to undermine the government.

This is, of course, the crux of the matter. Is von NotHaus a "terrorist"? Here's his answer, according to the article: "This is the United States government ... It's got all the guns, all the surveillance, all the tanks, it has nuclear weapons, and it's worried about some ex-surfer guy making his own money? Give me a break!"

Of course, in a sense this is disingenuous. Simply by circulating honest money, von NotHaus WAS undermining thepower elite that apparently runs the US and much of the rest of the world.

It is this elite that has undermined money in the US, starting with experiments in monopoly fiat that increased after the Civil War. Before the Civil War, people in the US were relatively free to do what they wanted with money. Formally minted gold and silver were put into circulation via the US mint but plenty of privately circulated gold and silver made its way into the economy in non-coin form.

Gold and silver WERE money and banks that warehoused that money offered receipts that were circulated in lieu of the actual money metals. There were various problems with this system, but it was relatively free compared with what came later and granted a good deal of independence to the people using the system.
The end for any kind of sound money came with the Civil War and the rise of the US fedgov. As time passed, the power of the fedgov when it came to money expanded. Eventually, in 1913, the US Federal Reserve was formed.

The Fed was created by various supporters of money power. It was a private/quasi-public system of monopoly money that acquired its power by virtue of its close association with the government. But it was evidently and obviously controlled privately.

This private control has funded the expansion of the globalist agenda ever since. Essentially, the power elite has built a seamless construct of military, corporate and educational control that controls the world. Every part of this larger construct constantly evolves towards bigness and complexity.

The mantra, endlessly chanted, is one interconnected, "small" world and the enforcers of this meme are the West's Intel agencies and the larger judicial system.

Think of the power elite as a kind of metaphorical cuckoo bird. The cuckoo lays eggs in the nests of other birds and tricks the parents into raising the cuckoo chicks instead of their own. The entire Western demos has been hollowed out from the inside. The cuckoos are everywhere. Nothing is as it seems. Society's resources have been taken over and their purposes perverted.

The main modern lever of this ongoing takeover is the "terrorist." One who has come of age in the 2000s may well be aware of how this meme has been cultivated. In fact, the theme (as with many dominant social themes) goes back decades.

This meme would be expanded after 9/11 – a tragic attack that is commonly held to have been caused by an apparent CIA asset, Osama bin Laden. The "terrorism" theme has been expanded aggressively ever since.
The beauty of the expanding terrorism meme is its vagueness. "Birthers" and "truthers" and now "preppers" are all accused in various contexts of being "terrorists." The term terrorist is constantly evolving because it is meant to be a catch-all term.

Ultimately, anyone who challenges the authority of the state (and thus the money power that stands behind it and controls it) is at risk for being labeled a terrorist. This explains why US prosecutors can label von NotHaus a terrorist. The term is merely a convenient nomenclature. It has been purposefully "evolved" so that an extracurricular judicial system can be brought into effect.

Simply by redefining definitions over time − and manufacturing events to buttress the terminology − the elites have been able to bring into being a new class of felon (the terrorist) and a new and oppressive judicial system, as well.

Here at the Daily Bell, we call this evolution "directed history." The elites, having cleverly created a new kind of criminal and an extra-curricular judicial process, are eager to generate the next phase of directed history − the show trial to illustrate how things have changed.

The purpose is intimidation. Elites – panicked by the Internet and what we call the Internet Reformation – are attempting to realize their apparent plans for world government at breakneck speed. Nothing must stand in their way, certainly not alternative currencies that threaten their monetary chokehold.

My perspective would be that this wholesale creation will not be any more successful than other elite memes now foundering. The Internet has exposed the power elite and made their manipulations ever more questionable.
That doesn't mean they won't continue to try, however. The terrorist meme is an especially useful one. Over time it could be applied – via certain show trials – to almost anyone who challenges elite plans. Perhaps this is how the elites REALLY intend to deal with the threat of the Internet Reformation.

I will end with the observation that while I think this is a very clever plan (if I have analyzed it correctly), I am not sure it will work. Many people already understand the nature of elite manipulations. Directed history tends to work well when it is created in secret.

Like a magic trick, once its mechanism is exposed, it tends to be a great deal less convincing. Sure, the terrorist meme is a ubiquitous one but the more it is applied, the more people will likely see through it.
The more money power tries to oppress and manipulate citizens, the more it drives people to the Internet where they begin to discover the truth.
It is said the bigger the lie, the more people believe it. But perhaps the Internet is bigger than the biggest lie.

I certainly hope so.

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