Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Portland Police Accused of Tasering Elderly Man for No Transit Ticket

E. Snow

According to video producer's Reddit Post:

8:15 Tuesday Nov. 6, 2012 Man tasered multiple times while on ground and beaten by transit police for lack of Max ticket. Conversation preceding incident went as such: Officer: "Do you have a ticket?" Victim: "No, I'll just leave." Officer: "No you won't." Victim: "Don't touch me..."
Officers names and badge numbers are: Scott Guy 14963 Bob Downing 15 'Refused Name' 1459 Scott 'Skippy' Olsen 26435 Taylor Letsis 47186
Does a lack of paid fare require the tasering of one of our fellow Portlanders? This man showed no anger or malice toward the Police, he made no threats, nor did he brandish any weapon. Being concerned for the welfare of my fellows brings me to share this video in which a man is subdued, held to the wet ground and tasered three times. This unbridled violence unleashed upon a citizen--one who was elderly and unable to verbally respond to the police before being violently assaulted--breeds a concern for my personal welfare as well as that of the commuters whom I share a train and conversation with daily. This misuse of a potentially lethal weapon upon the citizens of Portland has been an issue in the public eye for some time now (senior citizens nonetheless). When will the injustice stop? Why did the officer in front of me attempt to obstruct my witnessing of such an outburst of violence? How can we make certain these Transit Police, who are overeager to make use of their kinetically holstered weapons, are brought to justice--without paid leave (vacation).

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