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UK Loses Its Sovereignty January 1, 2011

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By Youtube user Getjiggy

We’re still a sovereign country called the United Kingdom until midnight tonight when the opt-out clause (to opt-out of giving-up Britains sovereignty) of the Lisbon treat expires.  The UK then becomes a state of federal Europe.

The reason a census took place quite recently is because the EU wanted to know what its gains are (land, people).

This is reminiscent of the census that took place in the UK knicknamed The doomsday book during the 11th century after William duke of Normandy (better known as William the conqueror) took the British throne by force in 1066.

Soon after the norman invasion english people were banned from speaking english as a way of preventing people from plotting against him.  No-one is giving this any of their attention & consequently this is going to pass unnoticed, into law at midnight tonight.  I wouldn’t mind betting that champagne corks will be popping in the dozens within the EU tonight, at the marxist-run BBC, & at whitehall.

There could be heavily-armed nazi storm troopers on our streets in the morning, but we hope this is not going to happen.

At midnight tonight the queens’ treasonous act of signing the Lisbon treaty that signed-away the UK to Europe, will be complete, and no-one is even talking about it.  This silence and lack of attention to what is happening, is of course, exactly what they want.  There are many people who are aware of what happens tonight but we are outnumbered by people who fail to see its importance.

To all those people, I can only say “I’ve warned you twice about this over the last 9 months.  You therefore CAN’T say you didn’t know!  I feel very pissed-off.

All my warnings, and all the warnings of Lord Monkton & ex-UKIP guy David Noakes have gone unheeded.  Cameron & Clegg have bided their time, deliberately causing diversions of our attention away from this issue, and they’ve been successful.  The full force of EU law comes into force at midnight – and it’s gonna hurt.  Watch all independant news channels for developements.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” said Winston Churchill (I believe).
Never before, has that quotation been more appropriate.

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