Sunday, May 23, 2010

CFG spokeswoman Ann Marie Calhoun missing after controversial video leak

Conspiracy For Good spokesperson and internationally acclaimed rock violinist Ann Marie Calhoun is missing after uploading a leaked confidential lobbyist video by the UK security company Blackwell Briggs onto YouTube five days ago. She also posted a re-edited version of the video with the comment: “This is the truth they don’t want you to see. Help us fight corporate greed, join the resistance on”

The UK private security, construction and drilling company Blackwell Briggs, responded by stating that it would take legal actions and "extreme measures" against the “cyber-terrorists” of the Conspiracy For Good and the file sharing site The Pirate Bay. Blackwell Briggs opines that "these are individuals that compromise the advancement of the free market" and proposes that "extreme measures must be taken when protecting the safety and security of society."

Blackwell Briggs is in the security and surveillance business. The leaked video is meant to convince members of the British Parliament to pass a bill to allow private companies to take control over SCADA ('supervisory control and data acquisition') services in the UK, restricting and limiting mobile technologies and allowing intrusive surveillance and security measures to be taken without informing the public. Blackwell Briggs is also a large military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ann Marie Calhoun has been confirmed as missing by her management at Weapons of Mass Entertainment. If you have any ideas where Ann Marie might be, please contact

Blackwell Briggs Revealed:

Blackwell Briggs - Conspiracy For Good Re-Edit:

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