Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fire Dog Lake Attacks Peter Schiff, then Misleads About the Nature of the Federal Reserve

Economic Policy Journal

Peter Schiff must be making an impact. The big time interventionist-supporting blog site, Fire Dog Lake, has sent a hit man to take care of Schiff. The hit is so far off base that I am waiting for the movie version, The Blog that Couldn't Argue Straight.

One captjjyossarian writes that, get this, Schiff is in favor of a plutocracy because he doesn't want the Federal Reserve to control the money supply. Yes sir, the same Federal Reserve that just announced it is going to engage in billions in "currency swaps" with EU governments to help bailout bankster/plutocrats, Schiff is against. Schiff being against this, somehow in the mental wiring of an FDL blogger, makes him in favor of plutocrats.

What captjjyossarian doesn't get is that in a free market monetary system, we wouldn't be forced to use bankster money. And if you weren't forced to, who would? You would obviously use a money that the banksters couldn't print at will, such as gold and silver. Bankster/plutocrats hate gold and silver because it is a money of the people, not designed or controlled by plutocrats.Gold and silver, for example, developed as money as an unintended consequence of market exchanges (using the term "unintended consequence" in the much more complex and interesting manner that F.A. Hayek intially used the term, than the way it is used by pop commentators, who have no clue who Hayek was or what he meant).

The captain then takes Schiff on in an even more bizzare fashion. He writes:

And on a related note, Damon Vrabel made an important point about Peter Schiff’s politics on Max Keiser’s RT show. Mr. Vrabel pointed out that government is the only avenue of attack which we have for fixing our broken system. By attacking government, Mr Schiff is trying to kill our only hope.

Can the captain really be serious. Has he seen how many times bankster Jamie Dimon has visted the White House? Has he seen who Treasury Secretary Geithner gives a private briefing to?

What I want is less government so these characters don't lord over me, not for them to be replaced by other characters that will lord over me with their pet intrusions into my life. That the Captain thinks government is the solution and gets an audience for his writing is a clear indication of why we need Ron Paul and Peter Schiff explaining the problems with government. And that's why I cheer on what the Captain fears:

Peter Schiff has been given a lot of airtime on mainstream networks over the last couple years and that’s troublesome. Troublesome because he’s been showcased as an "alternative point of view" to most of the expert clowns that mainstream media brings on thier (sic) shows.

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