Friday, October 15, 2010

British Intellectual says America has Mental Disorder

INN World Report

British intellectual, Tariq Ali's new book, “The Obama Syndrome; Surrender at Home, War Abroad,” attacks Barack Obama as “the messenger-servant of the country's corporations, defending them against their critics and ensuring that no obstacles are placed in their way." The book treats Obama's election, policies and popularity as a mental disorder gripping America, to be treated, if not cured, by a strong reminder of political realities. These include the unfulfilled promise to close Guantánamo, escalation of war in Afghanistan, the continued occupation of Iraq, and healthcare reform legislation drafted by former insurance industry lobbyists. Ali writes: “[Obama is] an extremely intelligent human being,[but] not a progressive leader by any stretch of the imagination.” Ali adds: “To talk of betrayal is foolish, for nothing has been betrayed but one's own illusions."

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