Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zionism has a Pervasive Thought Police In Portland, OR

I was running a bit late for the local 9/11 Truth coffee outing last Saturday morning. A march organized through Oregon State University was scheduled that day to protest the continued war in Afghanistan so a number of us brought signs and banners to join in. Driving up on Milwaukie Ave, I noticed a few from last week's meeting waving signs across the street from the True Brew coffee shop. Apparently, a few were anxious to wave signs, so there they were on a remote section of Milwaukie holding up messages like "FREE GAZA", and "STOP FBI HARASSMENT".

I hung out with them in the rain for 5 minutes before a dude in his 30's trots across the street towards us without a jacket.

"I just got a complaint about anti-Semites being hosted in my coffee shop." He informs us. "I don't have much business as it is, so you gotta do this demo stuff somewhere else."

Our first response was confusion. We started glancing at each others' signs to figure out which one was "anti-Semitic". True Brew was kind enough to allow our meetings at their location, so it was no problem for us to take a break and buy some coffee before the big march that afternoon. I did mention to him that "Zionism is not Judaism". He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as he jogged back to his shop.

Drinking coffee back inside the shop, we calculated that the sign waving occurred for approximately 15 minutes before someone:

1. Saw an objectionable sign (FREE GAZA)

2. Deduced that the sign wavers were originally hanging out at True Brew.

3. Found the manager and accused the sign waivers of antisemitism.

4. Convinced the manager to stifle us.

All 9/11 Truth members had the foresight not to get into some pissing match about what's legally permissible and, instead, began discussing the strong grip Zionists have on the the city of Portland and, in particular, on it's war resisters. It's an educational experience realizing how outgunned we are by a force I never thought we'd be encountering in the first place. Trouble is, the state of Israel and the MOSSAD seem to be all up in the events of 9/11. If there was so much concern for the reputation of Israel, why would they not be calling for a new investigation just to clear the air.

Quite the opposite is occurring. Shrill, clumsy, ill-fated attempts at linking 9/11 Truth with antisemitism continue, even after the Simon Wiesenthal Center tried to link Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to terrorists at a congressional Homeland Security hearing. War crimes on the Mavi Marmara are justified in the most convoluted fashion as seen in the following excerpt from Russia Today:

The sinister merging of race, religion and state appears to have spawned a type of thought police. Reality requires that race and religion be wholly excised from government affairs, since it appears that Zionism has hijacked Judaism. The following dialog with Rabbi Yacob Weisz (found by looking on sheds some light on this dilemma:

Ultimately, our group could not figure out what was worse, the fact that someone tried to accuse us of being antisemitic or the fact that the owner has no idea of what's going on and is forced to "play it safe" by default.


  1. See this and classify as Anti-Jew
    The singer is Jewish and the attempt is to ridicule southern hicks. sad part is those southerners are in the army now and fighting killing the Arabs for the Jews :^/

  2. Not to worry. If someone has not called you racist or anti-Semitic you are not trying hard enough. It used to be that someone was anti-Semitic if they hated Jews. Now, anti-Semitic means Jews hate you. Ron Paul is the only public figure ever to fight the smear effectively. He simply repeated several times "That's a vicious attack; you should apologize to me!" That vile Ben Stein learned a painful lesson: he can't intimidate an honest man like Dr. Paul.

  3. Instead of complying with dude's request, maybe it was wise at least to request to see the real manager and confirm. Maybe it was himself, but maybe it was exactly someone who tried and failed to convince the manager that "free Gaza" was antisemitic, and then simply tricked you into believing that he had the authority.

  4. I am a Portland native and am not surprised at this. That beast has tentacles everywhere. I am adding you to my blog roll.

  5. To verify, the guy was definitely with the coffee shop because he had served us coffee directly after the incident.