Friday, January 27, 2012

NYPD found promoting Islamophobia

Gary Anthony Ramsey
This week it was revealed that more than a thousand New York police officers were shown the controversial film called “The third Jihad” while taking anti- terrorism training classes.

Talat Hamdani lost her son Muhammad during the 9-11 attacks. She says she is outraged it was shown to New York public servants who are suppose to protect her rights.

Fear of Muslims in America continues to threaten worshipers of Islam who have been subjected to a number of recent attacks.

Representatives from dozens of Muslim and non-Muslim groups gathered at City Hall to demand the resignation of New York City Police Commissioner.

Ray Kelly and his deputy of public information Paul Browne. Both men at first denied the film was shown then later backtracked on their comments.

The Third Jihad is a 71-minute documentary that claims that much of the Islamic leadership in the US is preaching what they call "Jihad" to its followers. Kelly even gives a 14-second interview in the movie.

The movie was produced by the non-profit Clarion group which has ties to Aish HaTorah - an Israeli organization that opposes any territorial concessions on the West Bank. Documents reveal that more than 14 hundred police officers have seen this film.

The controversy comes as the NYPD has been challenged in court for placing spies and provocateurs in Mosques and community centers. It also happens as the US congress is once again set to hold hearings on the radicalization of Islam - proceedings that many have labeled as racist and inflammatory.

Kelly issued his regrets late Wednesday saying quote “I offer my apologies to members of the Muslim community, in particular, who would find the film inflammatory and it's airing on department property, though unauthorized, to be inappropriate.

The department claims a sergeant placed the film in a display loop that flashed on the walls of the training facility.

Through a number of statements, the NYPD has insisted that its officers are trained to protect all of the citizens of New York regardless of race or religion. But Muslim Americans say that is hard to believe especially if a matter of policy, those officer are shown films that depict them as radical and terrorists that deserve neither protection or respect . 

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