Monday, February 6, 2012

Chrysler’s New Super Bowl Ad Whitewashes WI Union Signs

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Mary Bottari

Wisconsin made a brief, unexpected appearance at the Super Bowl yesterday. A new ad by Chrysler, “It’s Half Time in America,” voiced by Clint Eastwood, included a short clip of the historic Wisconsin protests from February 2011. Many in Wisconsin recognized the misty evening shot of the King Street entrance to the Wisconsin Capitol with Colonel Hans Christian Heg, who led the all-Scandanavian Regiment into the Civil War, in the foreground. Recognizing the shot, Wisconsinites went wild on Facebook and Twitter.

But what the cheeseheads quickly started to realize is that they did not recognize the protest signs in the shot. Apparently,  Chrysler was comfortable using the Wisconsin Capitol shot as a symbol of the nation’s discontent, but actually using pro-union signs was too much for the bailed-out car company. Somewhere along the line, red hearts and text were removed from the “Care for your educators like they care for your kids” signs. Plus, Madison Teachers Inc. signs -- MTI in a circle -- were weirdly written over as can be seen by this screen shot. At least there were no palm trees.

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