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[Flashback] NASA Scientist: Persistent Contrails Cause Global Warming

Zen Gardner

Buried under years of misinformation and refusal to acknowledge the existence of deliberately planted aerosols known as persistent contrails or “chemtrails” is an article published in 1997 entitled:

Those Hazy Jet Trails May Heat Up The Debate About Global Warming

Published in the Christian Science Monitor, this article is a bombshell. (emphasis mine)
BOSTON — Patrick Minnis studies satellite images of aircraft contrails and thinks of climate change. Those pretty patterns in the sky may not be as benign as they look. They may be inducing enough extra cloudiness over heavily traveled Northern Hemisphere regions to significantly warm the ground below.

“When we look up at the sky or down from a satellite, it’s possible we are viewing a cloud that would not have been there if it hadn’t been for a jet aircraft,” Dr. Minnis says. Sketchy contrail statistics gleaned from satellite images had suggested jet trails would be climatically insignificant. Minnis says “we know better than that [now].”

Satellite analysts had not connected sharply defined contrails seen in some images with cirrus clouds seen subsequently in other images covering other areas.

Minnis – an atmospheric scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. – has made that connection. He took part in a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) field experiment in May 1996.

Infrared images taken every 15 minutes by the GOES-8 weather satellite enabled him to track distinctive contrails for six hours or more.

It gets better.

You’ll never hear this from a scientist today. I don’t know if he’s spoken any more about “persistent contrails” since this time, but that’s supposed to be his job. He’s still listed as the Principal Investigator on the NASA Langley Cloud and Radiation Group home page. I would sure like to talk to him.
At a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Baltimore last May, Minnis told how he followed a 100-kilometer-long, oval contrail made by a NASA DC-8 research aircraft. The contrail formed cirrus – covering 4,000 square kilometers (1,500 square miles) at its peak.

A Figure 8 contrail apparently produced over south Texas or Mexico by an unknown aircraft grew to a size of 20,000 square kilometers as it drifted over the Gulf of Mexico.
Minnis calls such observations solid evidence that contrails can cause cirrus coverage far beyond that of the young contrails that are easily identified.
Millions of people see this effect everyday. He doesn’t mention why jet craft are doing ovals and a figure 8, but at least he states that. Just the configurations these pilots fly prove it’s an aerosol program.

Enter the Climate Impact of “Persistent Contrails”

Brian Toon, who is with the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is project scientist for the field study, notes that this points up the need to assess the area of the earth covered by contrails and figure out what’s happening to the climate.

Recent research has found what Minnis calls a strong correlation between contrail frequency and fuel usage over the United States. In 1992, 93 percent of aircraft fuel was burned in the Northern Hemisphere – 70 percent of it between 60 and 30 degrees north latitude. The 1992 statistics could indicate where the climate impact will lie. It could be anything from a mild nighttime warming to a climatic big deal.

Minnis notes, for example, that average cloudiness over the United States has increased 5 percent in the three decades since jet travel began to intensify. He explained that, if the increase is all due to contrails – a big if – we’re looking at a potential warming from the contrails that would amount to one-third to two-thirds as much warming as we already have from the buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the past century.
No one knows how much of the increased cloudiness to pin on contrail cirrus. But any significant fraction that is due to contrails would be of climatic concern.

Here comes…..

Clouds can cool the planet by reflecting sunshine back into space, or warm it by trapping outgoing heat. Contrails form cirrus clouds with the type of structures and  at levels in the upper atmosphere that make them climate warmers.

Thar She Blows!

There goes the global warming reason–shot to hell where it belongs. For these bought-off fake scientists to ramble on about cooling the earth by putting up highly toxic reflective metallic particles by the millions of tons–which they have already done and continue to do–is not just fraudulently ludicrous, it is insanely criminal.
The article finishes out–excerpts:

Scientists need to get into the detailed cloud physics and chemistry of contrails as well as follow them by satellite to find out what’s going on. That was the point of NASA’s 1996 field study with the unwieldy name Subsonic Aircraft Contrail and Cloud Effects Study (SUCCESS).

The main result of the field study is a sharper list of questions about the chemical and climatic impact of contrails on the atmosphere. It shows that the research is certainly worth pursuing, Minnis says.

Are contrails a serious environmental hazard that aviation planners must try to mitigate? With more than 62 million commercial and military flights across the United States annually and even denser air traffic over Europe, that’s a hemisphere-wide – if not global – concern. (source)
You bet it’s a concern. And that was back in 1996. And what happened to that research “certainly worth pursuing”?

The Geoengineering Acceptance Plan

As many realize, the current thrust to gain acceptance of the idea of geoengineering is taking place under the guise of some “future” program, one that has been well under way for close to twenty toxic years.

While those in the know kick and scream at this atrocity and completely fraudulent nature of the whole scam, awareness of this concept and surrounding terminology is leaking out for public consumption. This is happening via our efforts to expose this horror, but now they’re using the fresh new face of the Bill Gates (of Hell) Foundation as well as various scientific conventions on the subject to warm up the next level of academics, as well as “test the waters” no doubt.

The Stubborn Global Warming Premise

The central justification for geoengineering is this phony threat of “global warming”, which is why this early study is so revealing, showing these persistent jet contrails are having the opposite effect.

Much of the world knows the global warming issue is a huge scam, yet they keep attempting to overwhelm the masses by a barrage of media disinformation, political insistence and a bombardment of lies from science czar cronies.

And many of them actually believe it. Even as the world warms or cools according to sun cycles, they won’t let up on this scam. I’ve met people high up in government science circles and despite a hemisphere of snow and record cold, the whole climategate scandal and everything, they calmly attribute the cooling to the warming.
Seriously. It’s like a cult.

Too much has been staked on this false conclusion and they are going to stick with it even if “hell freezes over”. It’s surreal.

At least we can lay this one to rest–the chemtrails are clearly not to prevent global warming as we knew all along. And now we can show them where even NASA admitted it “once upon a time”.
Keep getting the word out. Love, Zen

P.S. Thanks, Bonne Fire!

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