Saturday, April 14, 2012

‘US manipulation of Pakistan continues through drone attacks’


The Pakistani parliament has approved new guidelines for the country’s ties with the United States in an attempt to repair their strained relations.

The recommendations which were drafted by a national security committee and were unanimously passed by Pakistani lawmakers on Thursday, urge an end to US drone attacks in Pakistan and an unconditional apology for November US-led airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at two mountainous posts near its Afghan border.

Press TV talks with Allen Roland, in online columnist in Sonoma, California, to further explore the issue. Below is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Pakistan is calling for respect for its sovereignty, but the US says its deadly drone strikes will continue in Pakistan. These two statements seem to be contradictory. What do you make of them?

Roland: It is all about control and power and manipulation, as you well know, and the United States is not about to stop its drone attacks. So this is going to be a real dilemma for Pakistan but it seems [to be present] all over the Middle East.

So it should not be surprising to you that the United States is not pulling back on its drone attacks at all because we still see ourselves as a major power player over there and we will continue doing that unless we have to stop.

Press TV: Pakistan has earlier said that the Shamsi air base which was used for launching US drone strikes was closed down by the government. Where do these drones fly from now?

Roland: That is a very good question. We do not know where the drones are coming from. Never believe anything the Obama administration says.

That is the first rule. Never believe anything because you are not getting the truth and it is all about manipulation and control.

So I have no idea where the drones are coming from but there are many bases over there where they could be launched. This is our way.

We do not have to have troops on the ground but it is the way for the United States to maintain control and get its way by using drones and not only that but eliminate the so-called terrorists.

So it is not a surprise and we will continue doing this, the United States that is, will continue doing this unless we are forced to stop and who are they going to be forced to stop by: the American people who say enough is enough.

Press TV: What is the end game for the so-called US war on terror when it comes to Pakistan then?

Roland: The end game for the US war on terror; first of all, the war on terror is totally fallacious. It is a laugh. The war on terror was made up by the world nation and the world is not the terrorists; world nation is the United States who continues to manipulate and control through drone attacks and things like this.

So the end game for the war on terror is when the American people finally see through this subterfuge and say no more, just bring our troops home and let’s concentrate on wiping out our badly depressed economy.

So the war on terror is an erroneous word and almost a laughable word in itself. So to answer your question, the end of the war on terror will happen when the American people finally see through this subterfuge and say no more.


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