Friday, November 2, 2012

Elections Specialist Jim March Testifies About Black Box Vulnerabilities and Election Fraud

Jim March's testimony covers a variety of ways to hack into an electronic elections system. In yesterday's hearing, March also had the opportunity to describe the various indications of fraud that he had discovered in the electronic records from the 2006 two billion dollar bond measure (RTA Election).

Pima County Attorney Daniel Jurkowitz somehow thought is was a good idea to bring up Attorney General Terry Goddard's investigation during his cross examination. This backfires as March responds by reminding the court that Goddard's recount was missing four precincts.

This testimony is key in finally referring to the statistical improbability of having a third of the 368 precincts experience memory card re-uploads followed by the discovery of the corresponding missing poll tapes. After all, experts with DNA analysis provide a statistical probability of there being a match to a suspected murderer. Why does the statistical match not apply here? There is no will to prosecute, of course.

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